Thursday, September 12, 2013

An appointment and a wreck

Tuesday we had Reed’s follow up appointment in Little Rock. Just Reed and I went down. We got up early and headed out around 6:00 a.m. for our 9:00 a.m. appointment. The appointment was uneventful until about 20 miles from the hospital when traffic came to a standstill. It took me almost an hour to get there. I was sweating it! We got there with about 5 minutes to spare. Not that it really mattered because we waited for over an hour in the waiting room!!!! Torture with a(n almost) two year old!

The appointment went well. Reed is healing very nicely and the doctor said he was able to clean out the inflammation very well. He does have a 20% chance the cyst will grow back (up from 5%) because of his infections. I asked the doctor if it came back and we removed it again, if that would be it. He didn’t want to give me the next news, which was that it could continue coming back indefinitely. He said that his worst case was one which required seven operations! I hope that we don’t have to deal with this again, but I would not be surprised if it does grow back. Time well tell. We have one more follow up in 4-6 months and as long as everything is good, we’ll be done.

Reed was definitely a trooper for a long day. He’s handled this whole thing so well and has been so adaptable through all of this.


We got home in time to pick up Ava from school and then we had an errand to run. It was about 3:45, we were tired and ready to get home. After driving over 350 miles, we were getting off the interstate on the exit to our house and less than a mile from home, were hit from behind! I mean SERIOUSLY! Crazy how that happens.

I was stopped at the bottom of the exit because a car was coming and I was waiting to turn right. I’d been sitting there for a while, and the car had passed and I was about to pull out when I felt the crash. I screamed. I realized what had happened and it was like immediate shock. I was shaking and making sure the kids were okay. I turned my flashers on, grabbed my phone and got out of the car. I called 911 while checking out my car and then asked the other driver if she was okay. I got back in the car to check on the kids and Reed was so upset. He kept crying and was really scared. I also noticed that the impact was so hard it made my sunroof visor open! It’d been shut b/c I don’t drive with it open unless the sunroof is open and all of a sudden, there was an opening.


It was taking a while for the police to get there and I got back out of my car and noticed the other driver looking at my vehicle. She wanted to know why I’d called the police since there wasn’t any visible damage. I just told her I wasn’t comfortable walking away from this without calling them. I asked her if she wouldn’t have called the police if someone had hit her and she said no, not if there wasn’t damage. I just told her that I had two kids in the car and that my back hurt and she wasn’t happy to hear that. Someone pulled up at that point to ask if we were okay. She made a snide remark to him about how my back hurt and I just got back in my car and waited until the police arrived.

They took our statements and information and filed the report. We went on our way. I had a very stiff neck and back the rest of the evening and went to bed really early. I went to the doctor yesterday and he did x-rays and said there is for sure whiplash. He checked the range of motion with my neck which wasn’t the best. I’m going to get some treatments for a while until I’m better. I’m so very thankful it wasn’t something worse, but now we have the headache of dealing with insurance, getting the car checked out, getting it fixed if need be, going to doctor appointments and so on. It’s just a headache and after the headaches of Reed’s surgery I was hoping things would settle down for us a bit. Such is life. silly me for thinking huh?

So, definitely not how I expected our day to end. I know that we’re lucky it wasn’t worse. I am hoping my car doesn’t have too much damage either. Anyway. We’re safe, mostly okay, and Reed’s well. We’re blessed.


  1. That really stinks!! You should have told girlfriend that if she didn't want the police involved, she should have paid attention and not hit you. ;)

  2. Yeah, did she say anything about why she hit you? Was she not paying attention or was she expecting you to drive off faster? Especially if she hit you hard. If I were her, I wouldn't be questioning you or making faces.

  3. Glad to hear that you all are generally okay. Getting into a car accident is one of the scariest things that could happen while on the road, especially when you have your kids with you. I can only imagine the fear you felt for them. By the way, did you pursue the other driver to pay for the damages on your car and for your medical bills? I hope things are going well now.
    Joellen @ Young\'s Collision


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