Friday, September 20, 2013

How Ava Spent her Birthday


I think it’s safe to say that Ava had an awesome 5th birthday!!!! She was showered with love, songs, treats and happiness all day long!!!!!


She got a package in the mail the day before her birthday from her Uncle Stephen and Aunt Leslie. We talked to them on face time while she opened it and they lit a candle and sang happy birthday to her! She loved it!


We sent Ava off to bed because we knew we had some work to do to get ready for her birthday morning!


Zach had a football game he had to be at last night, so we knew he wouldn’t be home to do any birthday celebrations. Instead, we decided to do our celebrating in the morning! The night before, after she went to bed, we blew up some balloons and put up some small decorations. Her gift was in a little bigger box than I expected and I didn’t have enough paper so we made do with a blanket! Whatever works, right?


We woke up and got ready before she woke up and I popped some cinnamon rolls in the oven. She woke up and saw her balloons. She was a little slow getting started but she she saw her big gift from us sitting on the kitchen table, she kicked it into high gear! While we waited for the cinnamon rolls to cool, we went ahead and let her open her gifts. (Please note that in the background you can hear Reed repeating everything Ava says!)


We then sang Happy Birthday and let her blow out candles! I have to share the way Reed says happy birthday because it really is too cute for words!


We took a couple five year old photos and then headed to school.


As we walked through the halls, Ava was wished happy birthday by several people. She was greeted by her teacher with a big happy birthday and a big hug! 

I returned to her class at snack time with cookies for her and her classmates! I LOVED what they sang in addition to regular old happy birthday!



All the kids loved the cookies! One little boy said “Ava’s mom, those are the best cookies ever. Will you bring them for my birthday?!” Hilarious.

I had promised Ava I would eat lunch for her on her birthday and on their birthday, they are allowed to have food brought in so I asked her what she wanted and she said a happy meal. So that’s what momma took. It was funny – I was there like 25 minutes and I heard “Ava’s mom” like 100 times. Preschoolers are FUNNY!


After school, I picked them up and when we got home, Ava had another surprise waiting for her – Aunt Stephanie! My sister was here today and came and spent the evening with us. I went and picked up Ava’s choice for dinner (Mexican!) and we ate at home and then we headed to watch Daddy’s kids perform!


After we got home and she and I were laying in her bad, I told her I hoped she’d had a special day. She said “I did. You’re the best mommy ever!” Cue tears! I was glad we could make today special for her. She’s a special kid and she definitely enjoyed having the spotlight on her today! ;) Later tonight is her birthday party with her friends and she is excited! I think it will be super cute and can’t wait to share it with you!!!! Then we have one more celebration next weekend with Zach’s family. We’re having a big birthday shebang since there are 5 birthdays to celebrate! I don’t think Ava minds though! Thanks to all for the birthday wishes for her. She had a great day and we loved getting to celebrate our sweet girl!

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  1. So glad she had a great birthday! I agree with the kids in her class, those cookies look SO yummy! Can you please make some for my birthday!? HA!


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