Monday, September 9, 2013

Days gone by

Life seriously feels like a whirlwind lately. I don’t have near enough hours in the day to do all the things that I need/want to do. And it’s a little overwhelming. Zach and I were talking yesterday and realized we do not have one free weekend until the end of October. I’m tired just thinking about it all. I guess that’s just the season we’re in – literally and figuratively. Fall is just such a busy time for Zach with school, and just this season of life – so much going on.

We are at least managing to have fun and we’re thankful for all the opportunities that come our way for having fun and spending time as family.

Reed is feeling soooooo much better. He really is. It’s amazing. He’s laughing this big belly laugh. He’s running around. He’s just happy. And that makes me SOOOO happy. It also makes me realize just how miserable he was. I knew it had to be painful, but this just confirms it. He is getting into mischief. I found him the other night and he had climbed up on this tub in Ava’s room.


We got Reed a new lunchbox and he is SO proud of it!


Ava and I were glad when Friday rolled around!!!


Saturday morning while Reed waited for me to get him some milk, he decided to try and close himself in the refrigerator and thought it was pretty funny! Silly kid!


We spent part of our weekend cleaning up the house. Ava loves being the one who cleans all the glass and mirrors. She also loves to vacuum. I just wish she enjoyed cleaning her room.


Sunday afternoon we celebrated the kids’ birthdays early. With a huge family, we just do it when we can, even if it’s not right on their birthday. We also celebrated my little cousin Caroline’s, who shares my birthday. The kids had a wonderful time, and loved getting celebrated.

IMG_1774IMG_1799 IMG_1766

The two birthday girls

   IMG_1781 IMG_1782

One perk of celebrating early is you still get to celebrate on your actual day! And they still have a celebration coming up when we visit Zach’s family! Ava is also have a friend birthday party this year the day after her birthday. :)

We have a busy week ahead (surprise, surprise) so I wouldn’t be surprise if the blogging from me is scarce over the next little while. I do love looking back on the memories so hope to keep up with it semi-regularly! Hang in there with me over the next few weeks!!!!

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