Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend getaway

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy does it feel like weekends are over before they begin?!???? I feel like it’s Friday afternoon, I blink, and then it’s Monday again.

We had a fun weekend. Friday afternoon we headed to Oklahoma City. For my birthday, Zach got me tickets to see Wicked and our tickets were for this weekend. We left Friday afternoon. Reed was a bit of a whiner in the car while Ava’s move was on. I tried my hardest to keep him entertained and happy.


We got to my parents house and they had dinner waiting. The kids were way too excited and busy to eat. They played and played and when it was time for baths, they wanted my mom to do it instead of me or Zach. Since she was little, any time my mom has bathed Ava, she’s always made her hair stand up and so Ava asks for it every time.


She also wanted her to do it to Reed, too!


Saturday was the day of the big show! I must say, I’d seen Wicked before. This was my 4th time. I hadn’t seen it in 7 years and it was so exciting to see it again, closer than I’ve ever sat before. And I loved it every bit as much as I loved it the very first time I saw it. I was SO surprised when Zach gave me these tickets and we had such a fun afternoon together.


We went and had lunch downtown before the show. We went to the Bricktown Brewery and just enjoyed a meal without hands grabbing at us or needing to attend to the whim of someone else immediately! I’m a lucky lady to be married to this guy! He’s a good, good man!


That night as I was turning out the light where Ava was sleeping, I snapped this picture. It hit me that this little girl is turning 5 this week. I have NO idea where the last five years have gone. I feel like I blinked and it’s here.


Sunday morning we went and picked up some donuts. The kids were happy and I was excited to walk in and see them have samples out of a red velvet donut! I tried it and it was SO good so I grabbed one to take home! YUM!


We came home from OKC via Tulsa to meet and have lunch with Zach’s parents, grandma, sister and boyfriend. We stopped to see his sister’s new house and then we met up with everyone else at Chuy’s! We had a delicious lunch and Ava was excited to see a sucker that her Papa had for her. She ate some of it on the way home and thought it was funny to see her blue mouth!


It was a wonderful weekend and just what I needed to take my mind off all this stuff going on. We have a super exciting week since our little lady is turning 5! She is having a birthday party Friday and we are all pumped!  Here’s to a quiet week and lots of fun celebrating our sweet girl!

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