Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Since the last time

Whew. It’s hard to believe it’s already been almost a week since Reed’s surgery. I’m SO glad we are on the back end of it. He had a few rough days over the weekend, but has improved so much. We actually had a really quiet Labor Day weekend to get him all better!

Friday he and I stayed home and he had lots of resting to do!


Zach took Ava to a birthday party that night and I actually found some smiles on Reed during his bath.


The antibiotic he was on were NASTY and he SCREAMED any time we said the word medicine. He would wrestle and fight it, and often times, it’d make him gag and throw up. That evening, I was doing the 2nd attempt at medicine, and promised him if he took it all he could have a cookie. We finished and were sitting down, and about 5 minutes later he asked for a cookie. I gave it to him, and he fell asleep like this before he could even eat it!


Saturday we were excited to watch the Hogs play in their season opener!!! We love our Razorbacks and the kids love all the band music and like to sing and dance to it!


Sunday Zach stayed home while Ava and I went up to MO. My great aunt and uncle were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. My aunt has been fighting cancer the last two years and I think there were times they weren’t sure they would reach this milestone. We saw a lot of family that we only seem to see at weddings, funerals, etc. We had a good time. Ava of course loved playing with her best friend/cousin, Caroline!


We laid low on Monday trying to get Reed rested up to head back to school this week. I’m trying to figure out when he started looking so much like a little boy and not so much like a baby!


We debated on when to send him back to school and finally decided that sending him for a half day on Tuesday might be the best. We could let him come home and rest after getting back into things, and then do again on Wednesday if need be. He seemed to have a really great day!!! I expected him to be WORN out and while he was tired, he didn’t look too exhausted and it even took him a while to fall asleep!


I went ahead and just picked Ava up when I got Reed. All she had left for her day was naptime and play time, so that saved me a trip back across town, and having to wake Reed up from a nap prematurely. I tried and tried to get her down because she was SUPER cranky that morning, but first we checked our mailbox and found the prettiest dress inside!!!! This adorable dress is a SheSheMade creation and I’m IN LOVE with it! I love the colors and that they can work for fall/spring/summer! 


I finally got her to settle down and lay down long enough to fall asleep! This provided a glorious, quiet afternoon for me to catch up on some things around the house. Man, I’d love to work half days all the time!


And FINALLY! September means ALL Pampered Chef stoneware and metal bakeware is 20% OFF!!!!! This is an awesome time to add to your collection. You can go to my site and purchase here! Also, while you’re there, check out the new fall products! If you have any questions, please ask!!


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  1. I'm so glad he is feeling better! And you are right...he looks like a little boy and not a baby! How does that happen so quickly? I have noticed that more and more about Cohen lately, too.


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