Friday, November 22, 2013

Five on Friday!

I’m linking up today to share my five on Friday!


1. So, I mentioned in my last post that we had some family photos made last weekend. We’d never used this photographer before, but she has a new fan!!! Our photos turned out so well and she was FAST! We had the photos done Sunday afternoon and they were ready on Wednesday! This is one of my favorite photos of the kids!edwards family (57 of 68)

2. I usually decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. This year we will be traveling, and won’t be back until Sunday. Because Thanksgiving is so late this year, when we get home it will be December. If I don’t do it this weekend, it will be so close to Christmas and we won’t get to enjoy it much. So, this weekend it is.

3. Tuesday evening while Zach was at gymnastics with Ava, I was at home trying to cook dinner. Reed was whining and wanting attention so I gave him a pan filled with ice and water to “cook”. He loved it! He kept licking the spatula saying “Mmm! This is good!”IMG_3749

4.  I’m looking forward to December and the Christmas activities we have planned. We have a few traditions we do every year and I’m excited for those, as are the kids. Ava is already talking about a few of the things! Reed is excited when we see Christmas lights already out and I love seeing their excitement over this season.

5. Work and home life are SO SO busy right now, that I pretty much work, come home, get things ready for the next day and then shut down because my mind and body are SO tired. How sad is it that I had to probably sit for an hour to come up with these five topics. I was very seriously considering a Three on Friday post. ha! I’m thankful that next week will come with a couple days off, even though we’ll be traveling. I’m in desperate need of a break!

That’s all I’ve got! Have a happy weekend!


  1. Awwww, such a great photos of your babes!! So glad you joined the link-up! :)

  2. Beautiful picture! We will be getting our stuff out this weekend because I just cant bring myself to wait till next weekend :) Happy Friday!!

  3. that pic of your kiddos is beautiful! love!! xx


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