Monday, November 18, 2013

The last week

I guess that until things settle a little, once a week posts may be all I can muster. Things are just so hectic right now. i don’t want to give up recording memories. I’m incredibly busy at work right now and when I get home, the last thing I want to do is sit in front of a computer.

Last week we had to work on Ava’s homework – disguising a turkey. This was our third year to do one and she said she wanted to make a gymnast turkey. Well. Mama had no clue how to do that so I started thinking about what we could use that we already had at home. The kids were snacking on popcorn and I remembered we had some boxes left from party favors from Ava’s birthday. BINGO! Popcorn turkey was born!IMG_3676

Ava had school pictures this week. While she was getting ready that morning, Reed showed us how he planned to smile. IMG_3691

Ava let me snap a picture of her that morning before we left and Reed decided he wanted to jump in one with her!IMG_3699IMG_3698

Some mornings when Reed doesn’t want me to put him in the car he runs to the door to have his picture taken. This particular morning he wanted to take a picture with his milk.  IMG_3709

Saturday afternoon Reed did NOT want to nap. It was a struggle to get him down and he was adamant that he was not tired (even though he was). After a morning outside, he had some major curlies going on.  IMG_3719

Yesterday we had a quick mini session to get some family photos and Reed wanted to smile before we left. (too bad it didn’t carry over into the session). IMG_3733

It  was SUPER windy during our photos and it was also 82 degrees! Crazy weather! You can see that Ava’s hair had been blown all over! IMG_3734

Our weekend ended before it even started. I’m looking forward to some time off next week for Thanksgiving!

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