Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

We had such a lovely Easter! We decided, based on how horrid Reed usually acts during church, that going at our semi-normal time of 8:00 a.m. was the best shot we had for him behaving. In order to get out the door more easily, we decided that the Easter Bunny would make his stop at our house while we were gone to church. That worked out PERFECTLY and it may be how we do it from now on!

We got up and got ready and, surprisingly, the kids got dressed easily and were SO cooperative for photos, which is NOT typical. I was tickled that I got some great photos and got them fairly easily and without having to take a bazillion! IMG_7138IMG_7141IMG_7146IMG_7164IMG_7167IMG_7173 

These are two of my favorite photos of the day, especially the 2nd one! I love how Ava is looking at Reed like he is crazy!IMG_7148IMG_7154

Reed behaved fairly good at church, thankfully. Before we left, I set out their Easter baskets while they waited on me in the car. Afterwards, my sister drove me back to the house where we hid eggs while Zach took the kids to get a donut. When they got home, everything was ready!IMG_7183

Funny story that I want to remember about this Easter: the Easter Bunny brought Ava a Princess Anna dress from Frozen, “Oh, I like this, but I didn’t want this one!” Well, sorry sister, but you and every other girl in America want the Elsa dress and this mama will not pay $200 for one! Ha!IMG_7193IMG_7196

Reed LOVED this Mickey umbrella and shirt that the Easter Bunny brought him! IMG_7205

We later went over to my grandma’s house for lunch, before heading over to my aunt and uncle’s house for the big Easter egg hunt. The kids are always so excited for it, and truthfully, the adults love it, too!  IMG_7210 IMG_7209IMG_7214 

Once Reed got to the backyard and saw the play set, he didn’t care about hunting eggs anymore. That’s what Ava did about four years ago, too. haha! IMG_7220

He did join in some fun a little later and found some chocolate and decided to just help himself!IMG_7217

When Ava was telling Reed about today, she said “REED! We don’t even have to take a nap!!!” And true to form, they did not. But we had two VERY tired children and when Reed finally sat down and stopped moving, he crashed almost immediately! IMG_7227

One of my very favorite parts about the day was on our way to church when Reed told us this was a holiday. We talked to him about how Jesus died on a the cross for us and he said “He did?” and then we told him that on Easter (today) He rose from the dead. Reed’s responses were just so cute and funny. His little mind was definitely taking it all in.

We are so blessed and I’m so grateful for Jesus’ sacrifice and the opportunity to celebrate Him as our risen Lord!


  1. Love your outfits and all the cute pics! I had to threaten and bribe Cohen for any pics yesterday!! :)

  2. LOVE your Easter dress, where can I get it?!?! The kids outfits are super cute too-they are always so well dressed!


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