Monday, April 7, 2014

Getting back in the groove

Here we are at Monday morning again. How do the weekends go SO fast?? This one passed incredibly fast. We had a good one though.

Friday morning Ava’s class had their annual St. Jude Trike-a-thon! Ava was super excited for it. Zach and I both got to go watch her ride for a little bit.  IMG_6749

They also brought Reed’s class out to watch. When they came out, they were holding onto their donut rope and it was sooooooooooooo cute! I kind of thought he might try to break away to come say hi to us, but he was so well behaved and just stood and held onto his ring and smiled at us!IMG_6738 IMG_6743

Friday afternoon my sister was in town so she picked the kids up from school. They were happy to see her because it had been a while. She brought them back to our house and they played until Zach and I got home from work. She sent me a text while she was with them that Reed had asked to go potty. We’d been somewhat avoiding potty training even though he’d been showing some big signs of interest.

So, guess what we started Saturday?IMG_6770 I let him pick the alarm sound for the timer on my phone and we set it for every 20 minutes. He did SO great!!!! In the morning he only had one accident!!! He even told me when he needed to go poop!! He did have two accidents Saturday evening, but both times, the alarm had gone off and he was in the bathroom waiting by the potty and I just didn’t get there fast enough for him! He wore a diaper to church Sunday morning and as soon as we got home, we put him back in his underwear. He did really good again on Sunday! We sent undies for him to wear at school today so hopefully it will go well there! I had seriously been dreading doing it but he seemed to adapt pretty well!IMG_6812

Saturday evening Aunt Stephanie came back and she ended up spending the night with us. Ava was thoroughly happy with that!IMG_6816 

After church on Sunday, we didn’t do a whole lot. It was kind of cool and rainy so we just spent a lazy day at home! Sometimes that’s just what we need before starting another busy week!

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