Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend wrap up!

Friday evening, Ava and I went out for a little girl time. I needed to pick up something for a school project at Hobby Lobby so we wandered around there for a while. She loved looking at all the decorations. After that we did a couple more errands, and then ended our night at a new local cupcake shoppe! We brought some home to share with our boys! Ava loved the alone time with mommy!IMG_7296

On Saturday, I wanted to get the kids out of the house for just a little bit so that Zach could have some quiet time to work on his paper. We went to play at the playground at one of the schools close to our house and they had so much fun.IMG_7310IMG_7307 IMG_7308IMG_7305

After that we had to run to a grocery store to get a couple things we can’t get at Wal-mart anymore. They BEGGED to ride in the car shopping cart. Observations: 1. Ava is almost too big for this cart. 2. The quiet provided during the shopping probably isn’t worth the epic fit Reed had when it was time to get out. IMG_7314

Later that afternoon, we headed up to Fayetteville to see our friends. We hadn’t been able to see them since they moved into their new house last fall. We had to be in NWA Sunday morning for our niece’s baptism, so we just stayed the night with them. They live right by a river and we went down there for a while after dinner. The kids loved throwing rocks.IMG_7321 IMG_7326 IMG_7320

When I went up to bed, I noticed Ava was snoring LOUDLY. She snores quite a bit so that’s not atypical. In fact, I’ve questioned her ped about it before but he’s said they don’t usually like to do anything until they are older. Anyway, She would snore and then all of a sudden, she’d just kind of whine out and then she’d start crying. I had no idea what was wrong, but she woke up several times doing this. We finally got some good sleep between 3:30 and 5:30, when Reed decided to wake up for the day. Since we were all confined to the room so as not to wake others, it was awful. He was a menace. Zach said we aren’t traveling again until we got on vacation in July – ha!

Anyway, Ava got up and told me her throat hurt. I wondered if it was maybe because of all the snoring. After she got a shower, she got dressed and went downstairs and then came right back up. She said she was just tired and laid down and went back to sleep. She NEVER does this so at this point I figured something was wrong. We let her sleep and all got ready for church and the baptism, and when I woke her up, she said her throat hurt. I got her dressed and took her downstairs and borrowed their temporal thermometer which said she had fever. So we loaded up and headed toward the church, deciding I’d go on with Reed and catch a ride home, and he and Ava would come back and go to the walk-in clinic. We got to the church and poor Ava was so sad and disappointed she couldn’t stay. She had kept telling us she felt fine and wasn’t sick, but it was obvious she was.IMG_7352When my mom pulled in, I asked her if we could ride home with her and she came and used her flashlight on her phone to look in Ava’s mouth and she said it looked awful. So, off she and Zach went to the doctor. The doctor did confirm via look and a swab test that she has strep. :( She was pretty miserable but perked up considerably by the evening. Hopefully after one day home resting, she will be good as new. I hated she had to miss out because she was so sad she couldn’t stay.

The doctor also told Zach that Ava’s tonsils were very big and infected. I’ve often wondered if she needed them removed because of the snoring issue. I’ve done some research recently and there are a few other things that she goes through that can be attributed to snoring and sleep apnea. The doctor was kind and said he wasn’t trying to undermine our doctor, but that he’d also recently just gone through this with his 8 year old. Before we had left this morning, I had told Zach I thought it was something we should revisit, and this just confirmed to me that we need to be proactive in pursuing whether or not this is an issue.

The baptism was sweet and we were so glad to be there for Caroline’s big day. Afterward we headed back to their house for a lunch. We had a great day!IMG_7360We had a good weekend and hopefully after this, we can send the sickness away from our house for a while! 

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