Monday, December 14, 2015

Busy Christmas season

Well. This is such a fun time of year, but it is SO busy. The last week was just crazy full of things and the upcoming week is as well. We have school this week and then Zach and the kids get a break for a couple weeks. I'm hoping things will be a little quieter then!

Last Monday, Ava's class sang at the morning Advent ceremony. We went to watch and they put on a good show! 

Grant has just gone with the flow during this crazy time. I went to get him out of his carseat one night and he was so tired. He was asleep with his fingers in his mouth. He is so precious.

He also loves hanging out with his sister when we get a slow down. 

On Wednesday evening, we went to the park to have our annual ride on the Holiday Express. The weather was perfect and Grant was happy to experience his first ride!

Grant has been coming home and taking some evening cat naps the last few weeks. One night I had to wake him up to feed him so he could go back to sleep! ha!

One morning, Reed came into my room and told me had fixed his hair himself. He looked pretty snazzy!

I'm a sucker for a sleeping kiddo. I love my sleeping boys.

Saturday we headed up to NWA to celebrate Ainsley's first birthday!! She was a happy girl and enjoyed getting some new presents!!! 

She was eating her cake while we all sang happy birthday to her, but at the end, she didn't like that everyone clapped and she started crying and that was that. She was done.

When Caroline got her cake she said "I want sing Happy Birthday to Caroline", so we all proceeded to sing to her :) She loves a good happy birthday!

This precious boy had a monumental weekend. Saturday morning we noticed his first tooth had popped through!!! I'm going to miss this precious gummy smile!!!!!!

He's getting so big. He's pushing up and I noticed when taking this pictures that he's actually getting up on all fours. He's scooting backwards and is turning himself around. I have a feeling it won't be very long before this baby is mobile!


Sunday afternoon, Ava's cheer squad performed at the library's annual Christmas open house. They did a cute dance to Jingle Bell Rock! Ava takes her performing very seriously!

My mom brought Ainsley and Caroline down to watch Ava perform and go to another birthday party later. I started out holding Caroline, but she told us that she wanted "Ainsey sit with Sarah", meaning SHE wanted to sit with my mom. :) So Ainsley baby sat with me. She loved watching the performances and clapped after each one! 

We have another busy week ahead of us and the countdown is on for Grant's surgery. I'm so ready to put that behind us. I'm ready to have a couple weeks off from school and just slow down and enjoy the holidays with my people!


  1. Oh I missed that Grant is having surgery! Hope that goes well! :) Cute pics of your babies as usual!

  2. Praying for Grant!
    so glad Ava had a great birthday <3

  3. Grant's smile with Zach is adorable!! Love it. I missed Grant was having surgery too, praying all goes well with it. Ainsley looked too precious on her first birthday. Sweet little gal. I love how Caroline wanted to be sung to as well. So cute.

  4. Thanks for sharing pics of Ainsley's party! Your daughter is so cute in her cheer outfit!

  5. Sarah, I love stopping by your sweet blog and reading about your family !!! Your little guy is adorable :)
    Teething was always so difficult for my kids. Love the cute b-day party you all had for Ainsley :)

  6. I'm so glad that Ainsley and Caroline are close in age because they will always have one another. Grant looks adorable in his christmas pj's! My baby is having surgery on February 5th and will be just shy of 7 months. I'm not sure if i will be able to keep myself composed. Good luck and prayers for a speedy recovery for Grant.


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