Thursday, December 10, 2015

Happy birthday to Ainsley!

Ainsley Catherine, you are one year old! ainsley

Baby girl, this is a hard day. While we are excited to celebrate you, it’s painful and just downright not fair that your momma isn’t here for this day. For the past couple of weeks, every time I’ve thought about your birthday, it’s made me cry. You truly are a MIRACLE, Ainsley, and we are so glad you are here.


You are one year old and you are full of spunk!!!!! Here’s what we know about you at one:

  • You are jabbering away and can say many words, including momma and dada, no, sorry, bye, uhoh
  • You are walking with assistance and will be off and running any day.
  • You are a speed demon with crawling.
  • You can find anything on the floor and put it in your mouth in a nanosecond. Aunt Sarah forgot what it’s like with a little crawler around but you reminded me VERY fast when you visited my house.
  • You are very adventurous and are a bit daring.
  • You adore your daddy and big sister.
  • You will NOT hold your bottle and it drives your daddy absolutely crazy.
  • You love to climb.
  • When your daddy tells you no, you look at him and smile.

We are looking forward to celebrating you this weekend, sweet girl! You are SO loved!



  1. Oh golly, hard day indeed!! :0( Happy First Birthday to precious Ainsley! Have fun at the party and big hugs to you all. Continued thoughts and prayers sweet friend to you and yours.

  2. Happy first birthday Ainsley. You are beautiful. You look just like your Daddy. Sarah you are a precious sister for helping so much with these little girls. I'm sure this party will be great. Praying for you all during all these celebrations and holidays.

  3. Oh dear. Happy Birthday Ainsley! I am so sad that Leslie isn't here for her baby's 1st birthday too, life just doesn't seem fair. Hugs!

  4. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! Sarah, you are just wonderful for helping to keep up with her little milestones and helping to plan her birthday! I am sure it will be a great party!

  5. This brought tears to my eyes. It's so unfair Leslie isn't here. Prayers for your family. I know it's a blessing to have an aunt like you!

  6. Happy Birthday, Ainsley! Have fun at the party! (But you are right, it is sad and not fair for her momma to be missing this. :( Many prayers for this sweet but hard milestone!)

  7. Happy Birthday Ainsley!! How wonderful a gift you are to your family! xoxo

  8. Happy birthday, sweet girl. Seems as if Leslie was just posting about her birth- and then I saw her at Target days later looking like a supermodel. ;) It really doesn't seem fair. It'll be 8 years since my sister in law passed away next week and it's still hard for me to process. Lots of extra hugs and prayers being sent- I haven't stopped praying for Stephen..he is still on my prayer list in my prayer journal. I hope your family has the best time celebrating the birth of this miracle baby!!!!

  9. Such a sweet post. Thanks for sharing. I pray for your sweet family all the time. Leslie is missed !

  10. Very sweet post. Happy Birthday Ainsley!


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