Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas 2015

We started our Christmas celebrations the weekend before with Zach's family. We headed up and had lunch and exchanged gifts!

We spent our Christmas Eve as we typically do - we went to the 4:00 pm Children's Mass at our church. Zach helps with the music and the Christmas story is acted out by the children. None of our big kids wanted to do the performance this year so they just sat with us. I got some good photos beforehand. 

After church, we went to my grandparents' house. I told the kids that I'd done that almost every year for my whole life. I've missed a couple, but not many. 

My grandma loved that Grant seemed to know how to pull at the paper. He would grab at it and pull and had so much fun opening his gifts!

We always cap off our celebration with a birthday cake for Jesus!!

Then we head home to get ready for bed!

The kids were up bright and early Christmas morning. We got up and had our family Christmas!

Reed loves wearing his sunglasses that make him a rockstar and he got a new pair for Christmas and has to pose!

We had assumed Grant would still be so sore from surgery that we would have to stay home, but since he felt okay, we went ahead and went on to my parents where they were having Christmas whether we were there or not so I was glad we could make it. 

We had a very nice holiday. We are blessed to have so much family to celebrate with and we enjoy making memories with them all each year! It's amazing how much changes from Christmas to Christmas and I can't even fathom what next year's will looks like!


  1. Looks like a great Christmas! I love that picture of Reed and the sunglasses, I literally laughed out loud at that one! He's too funny! Glad Grant is/was feeling okay and able to enjoy his 1st Christmas too!

  2. So many great photos and it looks like all the kids had a great Christmas. Changes everything to see Christmas through their eyes-so magical. Great news that Grant was feeling pretty good to enjoy all of the Christmas firsts!

  3. Your little family is seriously the cutest! I love their matching pjs-how sweet!! xox

  4. lol to that last picture of you, Grant and your mom! The way he is looking at her cracks me up!


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