Thursday, February 18, 2010

Booboo and high heels

My sister picked Ava up from school today and when I talked to her, she said that Ava had just gotten hurt when she got there. She said she went face first down a slide and that she had a red mark on her face. I had NO idea it would look like it did..

IMG_0421IMG_0426IMG_0428IMG_0430 She was super cranky when she got home. I think she was hurting because after a dose of tylenol she perked up a little. She did crash pretty hard when it was time for bed though. I’m wondering whether she intended to go down head first… it totally sounds like something she might do. With all the she gets hurt, you’d think she was a rough’n’tumble little boy…

However… she can also be as girly as they come. She was feeling better later on and came to me with a pair of high heels from a wedding I was in. I helped her try them on and she went prancing around the living room. She actually walked really well in them!IMG_0436IMG_0434IMG_0440

I’m excited tomorrow’s Friday, y’all! Hope it’s a good one for you!!


  1. Oh no...she does seem to be accident proned...I hope her little face and head feels better tomorrow. Love the green high heels and the Wii fit under the sofa (I think??) heehee!

    Have a great weekend too...I am taking tomorrow off...starting the weekend a little early just because I deserve to!

    Lisa :)

  2. Poor thing! I hope that she is feeling better today--that HAD to hurt! Have an amazing weekend!!!

  3. Awhhh poor thing - that looks like it hurt!!! I'm glad she was feeling better... she looks adorable in those high heels! So cute.


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