Wednesday, February 10, 2010

You know what they say about paybacks…

So. There’s an old saying about payback and I think we all know what that is.

These past couple of weeks we’ve been on the other side of the fence incident report signing. And Ava has learned a lesson (or three) about payback.

Our girl who was once the biter has now become the bitee. Twice in one day last week and once today. Zach called me last week on their way home to tell me and I just had to chuckle. Obviously, I cannot get upset over this for the simple fact that she has done her fair share of biting. Today’s bite happened around 10:00 they said and when I got home you could still see the marks.IMG_0331IMG_0324 I hate that for the girl… but I guess she’s never too young to learn that what goes around comes around. I do hope she doesn’t get too much more of it though. I guess those chubby hands are good for gnawing on!

Now then… as I was trying to get a picture of her chomped hand, I realized she kept repeating herself. And after a minute I had to laugh…IMG_0330 …because this wide open mouth kept saying “top”. I looked at Zach and asked him if she was telling me to stop and he said he was pretty sure she was. She’s into copying these days so I said stop to see if she repeated it, and sure enough, that’s what she was telling me!

We did at least get one good picture though!IMG_0327


  1. Oh...that's so cute that she was telling you to "top". What a little's so exciting that they're now learning to talk. I LOVE this phase!! Yesterday, I got my first "YES"...I asked her if she wanted to watch her show (Dora) and she looked at me, stopped for a minute, grinned and said a big "YES". I was proud as punch because we've been working on her telling me yes...instead of no all the time. Just wait, it gets even better. Miss Ava's going to be talking nonstop soon!!!

  2. I am so so sorry to hear that she is getting bit at school, but maybe that will help teach her that it hurts :) LOVE that she is telling you what to do--"top" "Top" ---too cute! oh oh oh...we got the snow I was hoping for! Hope your Day was a good one, and that you have a fab weekend friend!


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