Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Copy cat!

So as I was reading about Kelly’s simple pleasures, I started thinking of what mine are. Then I saw Page’s and decided to make my own list.

So here they are – not just pleasures, but treasures:

  • Pulling into the garage and seeing Ava open the door to greet me
  • Laughing with good friends
  • Open mouth slobbery kisses from my girl
  • Getting things in the mail
  • Riding with the sunroof and windows open on a sunny spring day
  • Dark, rainy mornings perfect for sleeping in on the weekend
  • Frozen milky way mocha from Sweet Bay
  • Random emails/calls/texts from friends just to say hi
  • Hearing Zach talk to Ava over the monitor when I’m getting ready in the mornings
  • Favorite tv shows
  • Blog comments
  • This smile!

  • A clean house
  • Waking up to find out it’s not time to get up
  • My iPhone
  • Lunch dates
  • Getting a little alone time every once in a while (like tonight!)

The simple things are free – Jim Brickman (oh.. except my Milky way mocha and my phone) :)


  1. Blog comments are the best! Great list!

  2. Such a fun list! I like many of those same things!

  3. Love them all! I saw Jim Brickman in concert. Not free but well worth the $. It was a Christmas concert in Missouri and it was snowing outside. I play his CD's in my classroom all the time and my kids love it and are usually calm while it is playing

  4. love love love your list of your simple pleasures! So much so that I made my own list! I was sitting her nodding in agreement to so many of your favs. LOVES!


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