Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the past few days

How pitiful looking are these eyes??? They’ve endured much cleaning out and look so awful underneath!IMG_0487 IMG_0483

Ava’s had some sort of cold/allergies/sinus infection/ear infection and her poor eyes have been pitiful! I don’t really know what she has because I called her pediatrician yesterday afternoon and I didn’t hear back from them until 6:30. They just called in a prescription and said to call back and bring her in if she didn’t improve. I was soooooo thankful we didn’t have to go in and sit in the waiting room for a couple hours. Her poor eyes had so much goop in them yesterday – they were awful!! She couldn’t even open one eye this morning. But, they looked remarkably better tonight. She obviously wasn’t feeling too poorly though because today she managed to accomplish the following at my parents’ house: she learned to climb the piano bench and played the piano and she also climbed up and down the kitchen table chair. Girl loves to climb.

And now some random pictures from our weekend-

Zach sells drinks during lunch to raise money for his program so each week he has to stock up. Ava hitched a ride on his flat bed this weekend. She thought she was pretty cool!photo 

This girl knows how to open the pantry door and this is one of her favorite places to playIMG_0471 She also loves to run to it when she thinks she needs a snack.

It looks like she has a rat tail – I promise she doesn’t. Some of her hair is really light and you can’t see it.IMG_0472 photo-1

And that’s all I’ve got for y’all tonight! Hope your week is going well!


  1. i can't take much more of those precious pajamas, mom!!!!! poor sugar plum and her eyes! they're still SO blue though!!! :) hope she's on the mend!

  2. Poor thing but holy cow those eyes are soooooooooooo pretty & blue!!!!! I just love those pajamas, too. :)

  3. poor girl! She is still adorable even when she isn't feeling well! I hope she gets too feeling better soon!!!

  4. Poor thing! She has some gorgeous blue eyes, even when she is sick!


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