Monday, February 8, 2010

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Please come quickly, spring! I'm so sick of worrying about whether or not I can make it to work and what it will be like when 5:00 rolls around and I'm trying to get home. No more snow this year, please, Mother Nature!

Ava and her Daddy enjoyed a lovely day off of school while I was busy working hard to review payrolls so everyone can get paid on Friday. Days like today are SO hard while Zach and Ava are at home with out me. :(

Anyway... enough complaining. How's this for a sour face? Girl hates the camera. She purposely scowls or looks away every time I get it out!IMG_0257

She is obsessed with "putting her shoes on". (Still needs a little work, doesn't she?) She can do this forever! Sometimes she'll run away to her room and I get a little anxious when she's in there alone and it's super quiet, but when that happens she's usually sitting her with about 3 pairs of her shoes putting them on and off.

The playing with shoes brings me to another item - Ava's attention span really seems to be increasing. She's had several occasions where she's watched a full episode of Mickey Mouse without getting up to run off and do something else. She's sticking with things for a much longer period of time. Here she is watching some tv while loving on her baaaybee.


If she gets to go to school tomorrow, they are having one of their Valentine's parties (they get 2!). We worked over the weekend on putting together some treats for her friends.


She really wanted to help so I wrote the names on the valentines and she put each item in the baggies. It will be fun to work on these types of things with her as she gets older! And by the way, check out that red hair!

Another thing I've noticed lately is that Ava is doing A LOT of mimicking. She's repeating the sounds for a lot of words. The other night at dinner she was incredibly messy and I told her she was yucky and she sounded out that word which sounded more like two other possible words, neither of which are appropriate for a 1 year old to say, so we switched to saying ewwww! I've also been fighting a cold the past 4 days and yesterday I woke up coughing, and Ava started fake coughing after me every time I coughed! Sweet kid I have, making fun of me being sick!!

So there’s your update on our house. Word on the street is that we could get more snow on Thursday – blah! Hope you’re staying dry and warm where you are!

I’ll end with a couple of cute pictures her daddy took after naptime today!



(Why does she pose for him and not for me??????)


  1. I agree with you on ALL the snow. We did not get much in my town...but up north...a whole different story.

    She looks so cute in her little bed. I am glad she is gaining some attention, which means she is grwoing up. She is just too cute with her little smile.

    Have a good week...try to stay dry.

    Lisa :)

  2. I'm sure I would be sick of all the snow by now too --but here in Texas I am wishing all of this rain was snow! Apparently, we have a chance of some flurries on Thursday, so I have my fingers crossed!

    Ava is getting to be such a big girl--and i absolutely LOVE her red hair!


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