Sunday, February 28, 2010

Over before it started..

My weekend that is. At least it feels that way.

It’s hard to believe it’s Sunday night and tomorrow is back to work already. But, I’m thankful I have a job to wake up and go to so no complaining.

It was a fairly uneventful weekend but it was good. We’re still trying to get Ava completely well so we kind of laid low. We had dinner with friends on Friday evening and as we were leaving, I told Ava to tell them good bye. So she turned around and yelled “BYE!!!!!” and waved to the people walking out behind us. And then yesterday, we were out running errands and while sitting at a stop light, she all of a sudden yelled “GO!!!!!!”. Cute kid.

Just to give you an idea of the sassiness we are dealing with these days:IMG_0493

This was earlier tonight when Ava got mad at her Daddy for taking something away from her. She ran and opened the door, grabbed her purse, “bracelet”, and coat and said bye and tried to go out in the garage. Total drama queen.

Today was SUCH a nice day. I’m SO ready for the sunshine and warmer days to stay. I’m also ready for pedicures and flip flops!! These are some of the flip flops I’ve been eyeing:

black flip flop red flip flop

Love me some yellow box flip fops! What kind do you like?

We watched two movies this weekend. Well, Zach watched one. We watched Couples Retreat together and it was funny. I watched The Time Traveler’s Wife and I didn’t really get into it. It was just kind of weird.

Life is kind of quiet for the moment so we’re just enjoying it until the crazy starts again. Hope y’all had a good weekend!

Have a happy first day of March!!!!!


  1. What a hoot that Ava tried to storm out in a huff tonight!

    I love those red flip flops! Where do you get yellow box flip flops? I'm so out of the loop on fashion/shopping these days!

    I'm glad to hear your review of the Time Traveler's Wife. I was thinking of watching it too, but maybe I'll pass. I know it's not one that hubby would watch with me.

    Have a happy Monday!!

  2. I heart yellow box flip flops!!!!!!! I can't wait for flip flop weather!

  3. Ava is so smart and soooo hilarious. I just love your stories! :) My favorite flipflops are tevas... oh how I cannot wait to wear them! :)

  4. Yellow box flip flops are the cutest...! Great blog too.

  5. loove her little attitude! Get ready Mom :) I hope you have a wonderful week! Happy March friend :)

  6. just tell that sassy girl to head south on 71 ... we'll take care of her, mom! (fyi - sophie b has the same bracelet.) ours likes to get her keys, her purse, and her taggie together then hit the road for some chicken-fries at wendy's. boo hiss for monday coming so quickly. and i think i'm getting sick.

    hope yours is a happier one! :)


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