Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow much fun!

Well, school/work were not cancelled when we woke up this morning but by 11:00 Zach had called me to say his school was closing at 1:00. He and Ava made their way home and I got home a little early too. The snow is still coming down and it is absolutely beautiful!

We took Ava out for just a few minutes and she was mad when we came back in. She kept trying to open the door and go back out. Luckily she’s not tall enough to reach the lock (yet).IMG_0164IMG_0169IMG_0172IMG_0179IMG_0183

Trying to catch snowflakes on her tongueIMG_0184IMG_0199

And before you call the parent police, I promise she has gloves. They just come off as quickly as they go on. We were only out for like 5 minutes anyway.

I have a feeling we’re going to be home all day tomorrow and that’s just fine with me! It should be a relaxing weekend!


  1. I wish Brody loved the snow as much as sweet Ava! Those pictures are great! I hope y'all have a wonderful, warm weekend!

  2. I absolutely LOVE her coat!!! Hope you've had a great day today!!

  3. What a cutie patootie!! Glad y'all had fun in the snow!

  4. Oh she is so cute!!! Scarlett hates the snow and she is snotty and coughing so we didn't even get out in it but I am really glad to see Ava enjoying it!!

  5. love these, mom!!!! kinda glad it's y'all and not us though ... i'm not a big fan of snow. and i highly doubt the wild woman and her high-maintenance self would be either! much love!


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