Sunday, January 17, 2010

New obsessions

Ava has a new love…..

Ranch dressing..

She saw a dish of it Friday night and dipped her finger in and it was the end. I thought the next dip would be another finger and instead it was the whole hand….IMG_9945

I was trying to give her a little variety in some of her veggies and decided to give her a bowl of lettuce since she really seems to like it and thought I’d put a tiny dabble of Ranch on it and she went to town.IMG_9946

Some random pictures from tonight - I love how her blue clothes make her blue eyes pop!IMG_9954 IMG_9960

It’s especially hard trying to climb up on a leather couch!IMG_9986

So Ava has a new obsession, and we do too: we’ve spent some time this weekend with these guys:How-I-Met-Your-Mother-Cast-how-i-met-your-mother-791248_1280_1024

I’ve always heard how funny this show is, but I have this weird thing that I don’t like it when I don’t start shows/movies/etc from the beginning and have no idea what’s going on or don’t have all the back history. So, Jon & Emily let us borrow their DVDs of all the seasons and we are currently working our way through. We have laughed SO hard and can’t wait to see what we have to catch up on. I wish my everyday life had as many laugh-out-loud moments!


  1. Awww...that is the BEST show! :) We have watched it loyally since the start!

    Wish I could get some variety in Caroline's in eating ANY vegetables at all!!! I swear this girl would NOT eat if I didn't force her to! I think it's a total power trip for her. I've been weighing her, though, and she seems to keep growing! :) She goes to the doc on 2/8 and I'm excited to see how much she's grown. I can't believe she's almost 1 1/2...and so is Ava!!

    (I think I'm signed in under a different case it doesn't show who I am!)

  2. ava and the wild woman must be related ... our house goes through a ridiculous amount of ranch dressing! love love love those blue eyes, mom. i could eat her up!!!

  3. Sticking her WHOLE hand in the ranch was hilarious! :) And I'm sooooo glad you're liking the show!!

  4. Smart girl, already lovin some ranch!! :o) Yeah, that is one of our favorite shows as well. It's hilarious!!!


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