Tuesday, January 26, 2010


ice map

snow map

This is what we’re looking at later this week – a fair amount of ice topped with several inches of snow. Lovely.

I’m all for snow and I know my hubs loves snow days, but I do not like the ice! It’s dangerous and if I have to go to work, just because I’m cautious doesn’t necessarily mean others will be! I also don’t want to have to deal with a power outage! Of course we’d be okay because we have our gas fireplace and Zach’s grill is gas as well, but being stuck in the house with no electricity for a few days with a rambunctious one year old could get ugly. Whatever. It is what it is. And if we’re iced in, I’ll just enjoy an extra day off.

And in other exciting news, I got the what for by an 88 year old lady today. I work for a utility company and our doors are not open to the public. I was leaving to head to our other location and she started waving her arms at me from the car as soon as I walked out the door. My first thought was, “Oh crap!”. And it was the right thought – ha! She wanted in to pay her bill and I explained she couldn’t do that and gave her several options to pay it, including driving around and putting the payment in the drop box. She then went on a tirade telling me how she was 88 and had been a customer for over 60 years and how she couldn’t believe I wouldn’t help her! I had to try not to laugh because after I’d given her several alternatives to pay, she finally just whipped her head away from me and mumbled some lovely things and then slammed her car door. It was funny because when I got back about 20 minutes later her car was still there and she was using one of my options. I better be careful or she might hunt me down since I was “so rude”! Gotta love angry customers!

XOXO and if you have any good stuck at home fun things to do, send them my way just in case!


  1. Oh, dear Lord! I never thought about the power being out!! Perish the thought! What would we do without the Wiggles??????? :) I WOULD welcome a snow day, though.

    My prediction...not gonna happen.

  2. boo hiss for the ice. yuck!!!! hope it misses y'all like it always misses us.

    gotta love crazy old women ... i like to think that's how i'll be one day. :)

    it's almost wednesday! we can make it!!!


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