Sunday, January 3, 2010

That thing you do

With time passing so quickly, I wanted to just jot down some of the things that Ava does that either make us laugh or are just so adorably cute! It won’t be long before some of them stop and I don’t want to ever forget her little doings!


You are so spirited and so funny and these are things we love about you:

  • When you have your binky in and we offer you a snack or a taste of food, you spit that thing right onto the floor.
  • When you are “helping” me cook and I let you taste things, if you have something in your mouth and offer you something else, you spit out what’s in your mouth to get what’s new!
  • If we ask if you are ready for a bath, you say “ba” and then start trying to take your clothes off.
  • You will sometimes randomly just say “ba” and start taking off your clothes as if that will mean you really get a ba! Silly girl!

IMG_2310 (Ba means bath or shower – makes no difference to her!)

  • When we are on the phone, you run over and keep repeating hi until we let you talk.
  • When you are constipated and we can tell you are trying to potty, we sit you on the toilet seat and that always helps you go in the potty! When you’re done, you always have to throw a piece of toilet paper in too!
  • You can unlock Mom and Daddy’s iphones!
  • You are quite the chatterbox these days and it’s so cute when you actually respond to us with the correct word!
  • I love when you hear the garage door open and run to open the door to greet whoever is coming in!
  • No matter where you are or what you are doing, when you hear the Hot Dog Song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, you run to watch and dance.
  • After watching Daddy do it, you sometimes randomly open the laundry room door, grab the little trash can and go empty it in the big trash can, and then put it back.


  • When you want a snack, you open the pantry door and find your snacks and bring them to us.
  • You randomly spin around so we started singing Ring Around the Rosie and now if we start singing it you automatically spin!
    You are growing up so quickly and each day with you is special. I pray you never lose that incredible spunk you have! :) We love you!


    1. this is probably the awesomest kid i've ever known. and i'm pretty sure she got it from her mama ... which also means you're the awesomest grown-up i've ever known. love y'all!!!

    2. Your daughter is so adorable. Love the video!!! :o) Oh and I totally understand the iphone obsession. It has taken over Scarlett as well. :o)

    3. I love that first picture! Great shot.


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