Thursday, January 28, 2010


With the impending rain and cold weather, I figured there’d be no outside play at school today, so I let Ava wear one of her dresses! During the summer she wore them all the time, but since it’s been colder, she usually only wears them to church on Sunday.


Seriously? How cute is this? She was so proud!!

But she’s not quite so good at being lady like…IMG_0139IMG_0140 I guess we’ll need to work on that!

She was also pretty happy about the pair of shoes I found that I forgot we had. The girl loves it when she gets to wear new shoes and she kept bending over to inspect them.IMG_0130 IMG_0134

It’s funny that some days I can’t get one single good picture of the girl and then others it’s picture overload! IMG_0136 

This picture is so goofy it’s kinda cute! :)IMG_0159

We currently have freezing rain going on. I can see the ice pellets on our driveway so who knows what it will be like come morning. I wouldn’t turn away a 3 day weekend! :) Good night!!


  1. that dress is presh, mom! and i LOVE the picture of you two girls. :) stay warm and SAFE with all that icy weather! it scares me...and i'm almost 200 miles away!

  2. Yes, complete cuteness! She is such a beautiful little girl...I could just eat her up!!


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