Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sometimes there’s just no good title for a post…

Thanks for all the advice on the pacifier. I’d heard of some of the ideas, but just didn’t know if Ava was old enough to grasp a “binky fairy” or putting it in a bear. Oh well.. we’ll get through it!

Ava and Zach survived their first week back to school. Ava had gotten used to staying up past her bedtime over the break and quickly returned to it after her first day back. She was wiped. It’s been a quiet week and we’ve spent lots of time at home because it’s soooooo cold!

The trash can is a total object of fascination these days…. today she actually tried to take my yogurt container back out to lick it…… gross! (doesn’t she look like she’s been caught doing something wrong?.. probably trying to put her dishes in the trash)IMG_9806

♥ these two!!! (still using the paci the night this was taken)IMG_9839

This girl is Wii obsessed! She’s always liked it but now that she’s a little older she thinks she can play too. IMG_9844

She likes bowling and Super Mario, but especially loves Wii Fit Plus – and this game in particular:


She will stand next to us and flap her arms too to make the chicken fly – so cute!

What’s not so cute is when I’m down on the floor doing some of the strength training and she comes and sits on my stomach – makes it a little more difficult!

And finally, I’m looking for a little help. Two of my closest girl friends and I are currently trying to plan a long weekend getaway. One of the girls moved away a year and a half ago so it’s been forever since the three of us have been together. We’re all trying to come up with a great place to meet up, and we have a couple of ideas on the table, but maybe someone knows of some awesome place we have no clue about! So, I was wondering if anyone had any great suggestions for a girly getaway!

Too bad it’s not so easy to just jet off to one of these places for a weekend:eiffel tower Eiffel Tower – Paris, France

vaticanVatican City – Rome, Italy

Think a little smaller scale for this trip! ;)


  1. I just love your sweet girl! She is so precious! The picture of her and daddy laying on the couch is one of the sweetest ever! Don't you love those moments!!!!

    I have a suggestion on the girl getaway- I don't know the location that you are all coming from but each year my girl friends and I like to spend a weekend at Big Cedar in Branson! It is FABULOUS, and of course there is pretty good shopping there too. It is a cheaper, close by location! Hope you girls have a BLAST!! Yay for girl weekends and a break for mommy!!!

  2. I was going to suggest Branson, Las Vegas...or anywhere there is a LARGE outlet San Marcos in Texas. Tons of least three days worth. Hope this helps!

    Lisa :)

  3. KANSAS CITY!!! I love it much to do and not too far away.

  4. I l-o-v-e the picture of them sleeping!! So sweet. And good luck with the paci thing...I dread having to face that one day! lol :)

  5. Vegas is really fun and pretty inexpensive!! Especially now that they have those really cheap flights that leave out of XNA. I hope you find somewhere fun!!


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