Sunday, January 24, 2010

Would you like to have a seat?

Remember this chair? IMG_0081 Ya know, the one that probably cost too much nice one Santa Claus brought? Well, even though she likes it, the girl is obsessed with sitting in other places…. In fact, she pretty much sits anywhere that seems like a good idea…

IMG_0040IMG_0058 And her old favorite – she plops her rear here anytime the door opensIMG_1859 And yesterday I was playing with her and was laying on the ground and she sat down on my shoulder. Crazy kid!

Do you see how wide open the girl’s mouth is in this picture?IMG_0116 We spend our days listening to a steady stream of chatter and screeching these days. The girl talks non-stop. I guess that shouldn’t really surprise me! :) Out of the words she is saying right now, my favorite is hello and yellow. So cute and probably the same word but she tries!

Ava has learned very early on the importance of gorgeous accessories. She’s armed and ready to go with her purse and bracelet. We’ll be in trouble in a few years if her taste gets more expensive!IMG_0069

And finally, I want to wish a very happy birthday to both of Ava’s grandmas! My mom’s birthday is today and my mother in law’s birthday is tomorrow. Happy birthday Mom and Nancy!

Hope you all have a great week!!


  1. Love all the sitting spots! Will enjoys sitting on me too, or, if I squat down to get something, he will run and jump on my back!

  2. presh! i LOVE her heart pj's mom! and love her cute little feet sticking out from the cuffs of her blue jeans! she's looking so grown up these days ... it makes me a little bit sad our girls are getting so big so fast. have a great week!!!

  3. haha Ava is so funny. I really love that last one! Happy birthdays to her grandmas!!!

  4. love this sweet little post! She is such a doll with those big blue eyes! I have to say, her finding a seat in the fridge is by far my favorite :)

  5. Okay, I love that green and brown shirt Ava is wearing! Where did you get it?

  6. Anna,
    Her shirt is actually a dress I forgot we had (oops!!!!) that was too short to wear as a dress! :) It's Carter's brand and I got it at Kohl's in September. I bet you can still find one somewhere though! Good luck!

  7. You know, the funny thing about that is we turn dresses into tops all the time around here. I guess they just make short dresses these days. :o) Thanks for the info though. I probably won't be doing much shopping in this weather. I'll pray we both survive our little girls during this ice storm!!


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