Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ahhhhh…. Spring!!

Or not!

Friday was warm, sunny, and in the 70s. Yesterday started out cold and rainy and the snow started before we went to bed. It is STILL snowing! IMG_0747 IMG_0750

We took Ava out to play for a little while and she was gripey at first but then loved it again. She didn’t want to come in!IMG_0779 IMG_0790 IMG_0792

I had wanted to do some spring cleaning this weekend. Even though it’s spring, the absence of springish weather and the ability to open my windows changed my mind – ha! I did get one closet cleaned out so at least there was some progress! The other things I wanted to do aren’t going anywhere, no doubt.

Zach and Ava are on Spring break this week – lucky ducks! I wish I were getting to spend some time at home with them. I’m saving most of my vacation for our beach trip this summer – this will be our view in about 4 months – much different than our view today!!455_1

I guess I’m going to go and see what little more I can accomplish before the weekend is over. Hope your weekend has been great!


  1. I'm so jealous of your beach vacation!!! We were going to go to the beach, but I will be so huge and fat and pregnant that it probably wouldn't be much fun for anyone!! Ava is such a cutie out in the snow. :)

  2. I still cannot believe the amount of snow we got!! Ava is so adorable in that coat; I love it.

  3. I so hope that was the last of winter we will see!! I am ready for spring for sure!

    I hope you have a great weekend friend!

    p.s. can you fit me in your suitcase? we are going to ohio for our summer vacation(where I grew up) and that totally doesn't compare the beach!! Ha!

  4. What sweet pictures! I found your blog through Holli's! Enjoyed reading about little miss ava!!


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