Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Thank goodness it’s Wednesday, that is. Because, really, I’m ready for Friday. Not that this week has been a bad week, I’m just ready for a break from work.

Zach is leaving town tomorrow so it’s just me and the kiddo. He’ll just be gone one night and I’m sure we’ll manage just fine.

We had a chance for severe weather tonight but so far we’ve been lucky. I hope those of our friends who have been in areas where there has been lots of hail and/or tornados are ok and have had no damage!

And now some pictures of the last few days. Sunday we had dinner at my parents’ house. Two of my brothers were in town so it was nice to see them. Ava enjoyed having more people to play rough with her.IMG_0609

She also got to play outside and swing and slide…IMG_0621

And drive her car. She was locked in her car (because she had a wreck earlier and tipped over) and she wanted out and realized she couldn’t open the door, so this followed:











My grandparents got Ava The Little People Nativity Set for Christmas. I’m one of those moms that puts toys away and then pulls them out later when she is getting a little bored with some of her toys. She has enjoyed playing with it, but she has a little bit different idea of which character sits on top of the manger. No angels watching over Baby Jesus here…IMG_0637The wise man sits watch here. I even try and replace the wise man with the angel and she is quick to switch them out.

(Beware, Jill – jammie pictures coming up!!!!!)IMG_0646A sheep made it’s way on top tonight too… (and please ignore my dirty living room… there’s no way to keep it clean while the munchkin is awake… even when I try, she’s right behind me ready to mess it all up!)IMG_0650

I’m excited to get my hair cut tomorrow!! I haven’t been super satisfied with my lady lately, so I’m trying someone new! Emily has given rave reviews about the girl who cuts her hair so I’m excited to try her tomorrow!!!

Alright, that’s all I’ve got tonight! Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Haha!!! Our living room looks the same way girl! You'll have to post a pic of your hair! That's exciting. It's so hard to find a good hairstylist!

  2. What a fun post! I'm ready for Friday, too!!! Ava looks so happy coming down that slide, and I love those car photos - lol!!! Can't wait to see what Loren does to your hair! :)

  3. be still my heart! those 'jamas are TOO MUCH! and i looooove the slide picture!!!! tomorrow's friday ... we've made it! can't wait to see the new hair!!! post pics SOON! :)


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