Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Time out!!!

So the attitude has definitely gotten worse lately. And for once it’s not mine! Ava has a major attitude. Her time outs used to occur in her crib, but recently we’ve moved the time out spot – she now sits against a wall in the living room where she can see us and she does not like having to sit there.IMG_0811IMG_0813IMG_0818

She pretty much went back three times in a row tonight. Every time she’d get out she’d go throw something else so she went right back. Life is SO hard when you’re one!!


  1. Awe...poor baby! I bet she got even madder that she was in time out and you were taking pictures of her! haha...too funny!!!

  2. She still looks pretty cute even in time out! :) I understand the attitude. Scarlett's grows daily!

  3. How funny! Will knows when he has done something now and puts HIMself in time out. Ha!

  4. She is so precious!! My Ava is just a couple months older than your Ava!! We call the attitude "passionate" in our house!!!! When I found your blog tonight I noticed that we are both Sarahs and we both have Ava babies (about the same age too)!! So fun!


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