Sunday, March 28, 2010

A day of freedom!

We had the chance to get away this weekend and had wonderful time! My friend Sandy had box tickets to the horse races at Oaklawn in Hot Springs and they invited us to come along. I’d never been to the races and it was a lot of fun!DSCN0009

Horses coming out of the gate!DSCN0019 DSCN0022

Zach handled most of the betting. I did help him pick one race where the horse won! This picture is of two horses that he happened to pick for an exacta box bet (either horse could win as long as the other came in 1st or 2nd) and I just so happened to capture a picture of the two of them and they were 1st & 2nd!!!DSCN0025

His winning ticket! This won us $20!! WOO!!DSCN0026

Here they come!!DSCN0037

And there they go!!DSCN0038

Do you see how tiny the jockey is?! Their weights were listed in the program and most of them were around 115 lbs – teeny guys!DSCN0036

We ended our weekend by going through Little Rock on our way home to have dinner with our friends who we don’t see nearly enough! It was great catching up with y’all, Chenin & Chuck!

Ava had a good time with her grandparents while we were gone. I was ready to pick her up this morning after church but she wasn’t so sure about us after leaving her! She had fun and was so busy she couldn’t even talk to me on the phone when I called! As much as I missed her (and even felt a little guilty about leaving her for two nights), we had a good time and it was good to get away from our parenting responsibilities for a couple of days!

Busy week ahead – lots of church services for Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter! What an important week as we reflect on the death of Jesus and celebrate His Resurrection!

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Is this the first time y'all have left Ava?? I am terrified to leave Scarlett. :( I know, I am a baby but I just can't even imagine it. Brandon wants to do a mini getaway before we have this next baby and I want to as well, but I'm worried about leaving her.

  2. Anna, this was the third time we've left Ava over night, but it was the longest! I had to leave her at 3 months old for a work trip! it was awful. The first time we both left her was last August and it was for a date night. We left her again in December to go to LR and then this weekend for two nights. It's hard but it is definitely a good thing to have some alone time as a couple and to have some time to focus on each other and not your child! I would definitely recommend taking a mini getaway before the next baby! I know it's SO hard to be away from them but I think we all need a break and it will be good for y'all before you have another little one!!!

  3. good for you! I think it is so important to get some alone time with your hubs! and what a fun mini vacation! I hope you are having a great week, friend!!


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