Sunday, March 7, 2010

wonderful weekend!

I just love weekends!! We are having the most beautiful weather and we’ve spent lots of time playing outside!!!! Ava loves playing outside …. so much in fact we’ve had two major hissy fits on separate occasions after it was time to come in.

But, first things first – look who’s feeling better!!! IMG_0553 She’s mostly cleared up – the snot isn’t as green anymore. Her eyes weren’t clearing up so I called her dr back on Friday and he called us in some prescription eye drops that seem to be helping.

Zach had to help with the state quiz bowl tournament at his school yesterday, so we went and had breakfast with him before he went. Ava and I ran some errands and she was tired when we got home so she chilled and watched a little MM while I worked.IMG_0562 Girl still loves her MM. Today I was getting ready for church and she brought me the remote to the tv and said “Mih?” She was asking me to turn on MM and it was soooooo cute! Sadly he wasn’t on but she didn’t mind. I love that she is starting to ask us for stuff!!!!!

After her nap yesterday, we headed down the road to a school to play on their play ground. I figured it’d be less crowded than the parks. Ava had a blast. However, she spent most of her time cleaning the mulch off the steps. Crazy kid.avaplayground It ended up getting fairly crowded with some bigger kids (and adults) playing rowdy and not paying attention to her so we left and went out to play in the backyard. First we had to climb in and out of the chairs.IMG_0579

Then we had to play with our pink ball!IMG_0583We ended up eating dinner on our patio and it was so nice! Ava’s currently napping but we’re going to go out play again when she wakes up. A new swing set is getting ready to take up residence in our back yard as soon as I can make up my mind on one! Anyone have any suggestions on one or have one they love???

She played SO hard yesterday that she slept in until 8:00 am! Unheard of here! It was wonderful! In fact, we woke up before she did and each got a shower before she could wake up. It was nice to shower in peace without her opening the door trying to climb in! Zach went to get her after his and this is what he found:IMG_0586IMG_0587IMG_0589

Nice and refreshed! She was even a good girl in church. Until the end….. she didn’t want to come home with me. She wanted to go with her grandma….cryingava Do ya see the tear stains? So sad. She’s like her mama – not a pretty cryer! haha.

Time to go enjoy the rest of my peace and quiet. Zach’s golfing and Ava’s going to wake up soon awake and talking in her room so my me time is almost over! Hope your weekend has been as fabulous as ours!!


  1. Look at Ava's hair!! :o) Super sweet. Yes, I agree that weekends are the best! I have no advice on the swing set issue. We were really blessed and a sweet set of grandparents that we know gave us theirs because their grandson had outgrown it. It's in perfect condition too!! Like I said, huge blessing. Anyway, it's pretty small though. It's a Little Tykes playset but I imagine she will outgrow it in the next year or so, but since I am preggo again, that's okay!! Good luck finding one!!

  2. yay for pretty weekends!!! the wild woman was outside all day yesterday with her daddy and was not at all ready to come in. looooove that sweet girl playing with her ball! those tear stains are pitiful, mom! pretty sure i've woken up today with strep throat, so i'm heade back to the bed. BOO! loves, friend. :)

  3. The weekend was sooooo nice; I didn't want it to end! I'm glad y'all had fun playing outside. I just love the photo of Ava sitting up in bed - soooooo cute!!

  4. What a great weekend...I am so ready for this pretty weather! I love the picture of you two -- so sweet!! And the picture of her crying just breaks my heart...poor thing!!

  5. I love the picture of her sitting in her pink chair with her blanket and her feet up. Too cute!

    :) Sheri Fuhrman

  6. Is it wrong that the tears simultaneously break my heart & make me smile? Because she is a PRETTY crier (unlike me, who is a hot mess).


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