Monday, November 19, 2012

Ava’s first dance recital

Last summer, we enrolled Ava in a weeklong dance class to see how she would like it. She really enjoyed it and we were impressed with the school, so we enrolled her in classes.

Like most dance studios, we are not allowed to view their classes. Most studios allow a viewing in the fall to see the progress made. Our school decided to have a small recital to show off what the kids have learned. There will be a MUCH bigger one next spring, complete with fancy costumes, but this was a great introduction for Ava.

We had a conversation the morning of about her dance “recical” as she called it. It went like this:

IMG_6804 Poor girl was worried about not being able to wear panties under her tights. Fortunately she didn’t make too big a stink about it which surprises me!

This baby girl looks SO grown up to me. Seriously. I cannot get over how grown she is looking. Kills.Me.IMG_1161 IMG_1160

Once we got to the auditorium, Ava wasn’t sure what to think. She is in this stage where so many things scare here. She seemed ok at first, but as it got closer to time for her performance, you could see the fear building. She also told me she was nervous about the men in black who were there to record the performance. :)IMG_1162

When she was called for her ballet dance, she went over and was crying. The owner’s husband who was emceeing, talked to her and whatever he said, it worked and she went backstage with her class. She did great performing!IMG_1179 IMG_1177 IMG_1183

I was so proud of Ava for not letting her fear stand in her way and trying something new. I hope that helped her overcome some of her fears! I can’t wait for more recitals in the future!!!


  1. Aw sweet girl! She looked like a pretty little ballerina!

  2. LOVE these pictures! And I am DYING over the conversation about the panties! Hahaha! She is too funny! Also, the picture of her sitting down on the stage...I can see SO much of Reed! Gorgeous kiddos! :) So glad she enjoyed her first recital! :)


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