Monday, November 5, 2012

The weekend the clocks fell back

We actually had a calm, quiet weekend. It was the first in about six weekends that we haven’t had ANYTHING! It was NICE. We just lazed around the house and ran a couple errands. I snuck away for a while Saturday morning and got a mani/pedi. I had a gift certificate from Mother’s Day that was about to expire so it was nice to use that!

We went to dinner Saturday night and Ava posed for me. She won’t take a picture for anything but if I tell her to pose, she gets into it. IMG_6566  

Can we talk a minute about DST? I used to love this, when the clocks fell back and we’d get an extra glorious hour of sleep. Do I still love it? Yeah. Not so much.

Reed woke up Sunday at 4:37 a.m. Yes, that’s right. He sometimes will wake up and fuss and go back to sleep. Not the case yesterday. I got up with him, gave him some milk and laid him back down in bed around 5:00. He didn’t fight it. I went back to bed and laid down, only to hear our door creak open around 5:20. Ava came to tell me she couldn’t sleep because she kept coughing. I got her a drink and sent her back to bed. However, after all the being awake, I never did get back to sleep. I headed to the couch around 5:45 to catch up on some DVRed shows so as not to bother Zach. I got about 5 minutes to myself when Ava joined me. She was then loud enough to make sure Reed heard us. :)

Ava needed a nap for a while. I was in the bedroom and went to look for her and found her on the couch sacked out. When did she get so big??? ::SOB::IMG_6584

Reed didn’t nap worth anything and was soooooooooooooo cranky and tired as the day wore on. He was seriously ready for bed at 5:00. We made it to shortly after 6:00.IMG_6590  

And really, it felt like the LONGEST day. I’d look at the clock and it would only be 15 minutes from the last time I’d looked. ha! Usually I like my weekends to go slowly, but seriously? With the whining and griping, bedtime couldn’t come soon enough! Ha! I’m praying it doesn’t take too many days for them to adjust! I’m grateful we had some down time at home. It was much needed!

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