Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend life

How do the weekends go soooooooooooooooo fast? It makes me sad that another one was over before it started.

Friday we had a low key evening. We had dinner and just took it easy. I found a new coloring app for Ava (Paint Sparkles) and she played it for so long. She loved it!IMG_6676

Zach had to be gone ALL day Saturday to take kids to the all region jazz band clinic and concerts about an hour and a half away. He was gone before Ava woke up and got home after both kids were fast asleep. I was praying we’d have a good day, and we did!

We were dressed and out the door by 8:00 and decided to make a stop at Target! Ava of course likes when she sees stuff she wants, but Reed has started showing excitement too. I laughed at this photo – they both saw stuff they liked in the Target $ spot – my favorite part of Target!!!


Ava told me she likes headbands now, and she wanted to try one on.IMG_6680 

We did Ava’s favorite thing, looked at toys. She is pretty good about looking without wanting, but lately when we are at the store and I say no, she’ll say to me, “Mom, you always tell me no.” She forgets about surprises we bring home. :) We found several things she liked in the Dollar Spot. I thought they’d make good stocking stuffers so I kind of hid them in the cart. She didn’t notice them for about 10 minutes and then she said “Hey what are those doing in here?” I made a big show of taking them out of the cart and setting them down. Then I diverted her attention, put them back in the cart, and moved my purse to block them. Thankfully, I was able to move her attention elsewhere at checkout as well and successfully got the items! Woohoo! :)

After Target, we went to Wal-mart for our groceries. We checked out the toy section there too. :) They were really SO good. I was worried about how they’d behave but I was so pleasantly surprised that they were so good. Ava asked me on the way home if she could take a three hour nap. I told her sure! ;) Reed fell asleep on the way home and we napped while I unloaded and put away groceries, cleaned out the pantry and freezer and cleaned the kitchen.

We spent some time playing. Ava likes to games on the Wii. And Reed looks like a man…. remote and no pants. ;)IMG_6694

After lunch, they both did actually take good naps, although a little staggered (and not quite three hours!). IMG_6698 IMG_6696

We had dinner with my parents and sister. I left the kids at my parents for a bit, and Ava acted a little unruly. When I asked her that night what was wrong, she said she was sad they were leaving. They had shown their house and I said something about it, not knowing that it upsets her. I hate that she was so sad about that, that she acted so poorly. :(

Sunday after church, we came home. I worked on cleaning out Ava’s closet, drawers, and toys. While I did that, Zach took the kids on a walk. Ava rode her bike and Reed rode the stroller – ha! Then they played in the back yard, which was nice for them because it then rained all afternoon. We came up with a nice pile of toys to give to some kids in need. Ava had a little hard time with this, but by the end she was ok with it. :) And her room looks so good. I pray we can help her keep it that way. It was about to drive me to insanity. :)

During naptime, we thought we’d get to have some quiet down time. I asked Zach to fix my leaky faucet because the part had come on Saturday. I had sat down on the couch, and heard gushing water and then “Hey can you come here?!” Water was EVERYWHERE! I’m still not sure what happened, but it was a mess. Water was in ALL of our cabinets and drawers except one drawer. THANK GOODNESS, that was my makeup drawer so it was all safe. It took sweet forever to mop up water off the cabinet, wipe down the mirror, clean out all the drawers and cabinets, as well as the contest in them. So much for relaxing naptime! :) I do think my leaky faucet is fixed though!

Reed was cuuuuuuuh-ranky most of the day. We knew he was getting a tooth, but it wasn’t until I was dressing him after his bath that I saw he has some molars working their way in. No wonder he was so cranky – those things were huge!!!!! Poor boy!IMG_6715 He was ready for bed fairly early!IMG_6723

Weekends are so fun – I wish they were longer!!!!! :)


  1. Your kids must be the most wellbehaved that you can walk down the toy aisle without a breakdown for wanting something. NEVER have I seen that! ha!

  2. Reading this post just exhausted me! You got a lot accomplished this weekend... me? I put up my Christmas tree on Saturday and completely ignored housework, laundry, feeding my family (for real - I ordered pizza!) Then that nasty stomach bug kept me in bed all day Sunday and you KNOW my husband didn't touch the house, dishes, dirty clothes, etc... :)


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