Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

I’m not the BIGGEST fan of Halloween, but I have to say seeing Ava’s excitement made it all worth it! She really had a great time. When we started talking about costumes, Ava said she wanted to be a My Little Pony. She watches the episodes on you tube and knows all the long, hard to pronounce names. I wasn’t sure how we would make the costume. A story I want to remember is that I told her I didn’t know how we’d make her costume and she said “well, just buy it mommy.” I told her that things cost money and it’s not always easy to just buy them. Fast forward a few days and I found her MLP costume and showed her. She loved it and then said “how much is it?” I told her and she said “I guess I won’t be getting it then.” Ha! Sweet kid. She has no concept of how much dollars are and she got the costume. She was SO grateful and happy and giddy! I have to say, she made a pretty cute pony! IMG_6520She got to wear her costume to school for their party and was so excited. I went to help with the party and am so glad I get to be there for things for her. The preschoolers trick-or-treated around the school to the older classrooms. Her teacher had the great idea to make a pinata and the kids loved it! I also helped them make spiders out of their hands and paint. It was a fun time, but I’m fairly certain I didn’t miss my calling to be a preschool teacher! ha!

As for Reed, he was an elephant. We had this costume from the Halloween when Ava was 1 and decided to recycle. He was pretty cute!


And for fun, this was Ava as the elephant back in 2009. They don’t really look much alike!IMG_0901

Reed wasn’t feeling well last night and wasn’t overly cooperative so there’s not a great photo of the two of them together, but this didn’t end up being too bad. IMG_6539

We took Ava trick-or-treating while my mom stayed with Reed since he didn’t feel well. I have to say, Ava had the BEST time. She was SO happy and she had so much fun. SO many people told her she was a cute pony and we didn’t see ANY other MLPs. She was so proud and looked at me at one point and said “Momma, they all love my costume and think I’m so pretty!!” :)

IMG_6544 IMG_6558

As for Reed, several kids in his class have hand, foot, and mouth. We thought that’s what he had, but his case was really odd. His bumps came and went and they weren’t blistery. We didn’t want to take him to the dr, to risk catching something else, to be told he did have it and not be able to do anything for him. Then I got a call this afternoon that a 2nd dr had reviewed his x-rays from over the weekend and they saw something on one that concerned them and wanted us to bring him in for another x-ray. Because we were there, we went ahead and had him looked at. Turns out he does NOT have HFM (thank goodness), and nothing is wrong. he may have just had an allergic reaction to something and I think his not feeling well was due to teething. And his x-ray looked good. Just confirmation that his leg is fine!

And since I’m blogging, I’ll finish with a couple pictures. Reed’s newest favorite thing to do is climb in this cabinet in our bathroom. He tries to close the doors while he’s in there.IMG_6548 

And Miss Ava tonight – she’s such a girly girl!


Ok, I’m off to relax and watch the CMAs! Have a happy Friday!!

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  1. They look SO cute! Charli loves MLP too! I hate that Reed was not feeling well, but I am sure that Ava loved the one on one time! It is such great news to hear that his xray turned out okay! Yay!
    Have a great weekend girlie!


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