Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Getaway!

A while back, Zach and I started talking about taking a weekend trip, just the two of us. We have had a night away here and there since we’ve had Ava, but we’ve not both had consecutive nights away by ourselves in a VERY long time. We tossed around a few ideas and one day I had the idea to surprise him with tickets to a Dallas Cowboys game!

We built a weekend around the game and left Friday afternoon. While I knew we would have fun, I definitely missed our little rugrats. Here I was with them Friday morning before dropping them off at school!IMG_6445 We dropped them off and both worked half a day, then headed out. We stopped on our way in and did a little outlet mall shopping. After that we headed to check into our hotel. The traffic was pretty bad and our trusty GPS told us to take a last minute exit and took us another way and got us out of the stand still. After checking in, we got ready to head to dinner!IMG_6459 We headed to Pappasito’s and it was soooooooooooooooooo good! We just shared an appetizer and I’m somewhat ashamed of this, yet somewhat not. ha! we were on vacay!IMG_6458 We explored a little after dinner and just enjoyed not having kids screaming in the backseat to turn on their music. :) Love those babies but it was a much needed break.

Saturday we slept until we woke up, got ready, and had breakfast at the hotel. Before we started our day, we talked to our babies!IMG_6461

We headed out to do a little shopping. We had fun just wandering and exploring as we pleased. We were walking around a mall and decided on spur of the moment to see a movie since the theater was right there and we rarely do that. We watched Pitch Perfect and it was highly entertaining!

About 15 minutes to the end of the movie, I got a phone call from my mom. I texted her back and told her we were in a movie and asked if everything was ok. She texted back that Reed had hurt his leg on a slide while they were at the park and that she was taking him to the doctor. I called her and found out what happened. She had taken him down a twisty slide and his foot caught and his leg got jammed. She didn’t think it was broken, but he was in pain from it and wanted to make sure it was ok. We waited about 3.5 hours while they sat at the dr, got x-rays, etc to find out he was ok. The doctor didn’t see a break, but said you can’t always see them at that age. His leg was a little jammed but thankfully he bounced back quickly. It was a little stressful waiting to hear if he was ok.

Sunday was the big game day! I knew Zach hadn’t been to the new Cowboys stadium and he was excited!IMG_6514 I have to admit, the stadium was pretty spectacular. It was fun to see it all and take it in, especially knowing how much Zach enjoyed it!  IMG_6475 IMG_6476 IMG_6481

The game started out slow, and then got more exciting! Sadly, the Cowboys lost. :( I was sad they didn’t pull out a win for Zach, but we had a great time! After we made it back to the area where we were staying, we grabbed a quick, late dinner. We tried In-N-Out. Not sure if it was an off night for them, but we weren’t overly impressed. It was okay, but we weren’t wowed like we thought we’d be!

IMG_6492 We got up this morning and got our stuff rounded up so we could head home. I made Zach take this photo right before we left – it was a picture of a relaxed mom who slept 10-12 hours for 3 nights in a row which hasn’t happened in I couldn’t tell you how long! IMG_6505 I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m dragging again! ha! I was ready to get home to my babies though!! And they were happy to see us! They were also so worn out that Reed was asleep before 6:30!!!IMG_6513

We were so, so grateful for some time away. It was much needed and we really had such a fun time. It’s hard making time to do stuff like this when life is so busy, but I’m so glad we finally did it!! Can’t wait for the next time, though it may be another 4 years! :)


  1. This looks like a great weekend! And I love that you had him take a picture of a "refreshed" mommy! Beautiful pic!

  2. LOVE this!! You guys look great and I am so glad you got away and had some relaxing fun time together! Love you!!!

  3. Pappasitos looks so good! I've never eaten at one because we always go to Pappadeaux's! I may have to switch it up next time!

  4. PS. I gave you a blog award on my blog today! :)


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