Monday, October 22, 2012

Ava – 4 years old

Ava had her 4 year check up the same day/time Reed had his one year check up. (Yes, I was dumb for doing that. I will NOT be doing it again). She was originally scheduled in September but her dr was going out of town. Their suggested make up appointment was so close to Reed’s I thought we’d cut out on a wait. Well, a one and a half hour wait with two kids, by myself…. let’s just say I broke a sweat.

Ava wasn’t so sure about getting her blood pressure taken, but didn’t flip out.   IMG_6084

Killing time while waiting for the doctor to come in. These two were wild and in rare form! It’s Zach’s turn to do the next appointments! ha!IMG_6087

Ava had a great check up. She is 41.5” tall and weighs 39lbs6oz. She was in about the 80th percentile for both height and weight!

Just a few things about Ava at four:

  • She is a sassy thing. Some of it’s funny, some not so much. We are working on it.
  • She is soooooooooooooooooooo smart. One day I asked her to do something and she whined and didn’t do it. Zach told her that when someone asks you nicely and says please do something, it’s nice to do it and you should. Fast forward a couple days, she asked me to have my phone. I told her not at the moment b/c I was using it, and she said “when someone asks you nicely and say please, you should let them do it!” :)
  • She is really afraid of the dark right now. She wakes up probably 4 times a week and comes to our room. She thrashes about majorly so we just make her a pallet on the floor and she is happy. I wish she’d outgrow it because I hate seeing her so sad.
  • She is learning SO much at school. I’ve really seen her blossom in the past 2 months. She’s a sponge!
  • Favorites include princesses, Dora, and My Little Pony. She’s a girly girl!
  • She is testing limits. She knows when she messes up and while I know it’s part of the process, I hate having to punish her. It does make me happy and proud though when she comes back later and sincerely apologizes.
  • But she has an incredibly sweet heart and she really loves hard.

The day we had both of their check ups, I felt like her expression!!!   IMG_6092

I can’t wait to watch you grow more over this next year, Ava!!!!

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