Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Recap

Well… when we left off last, we had a sick boy.

And, I mean SICK!! He ran fever through Saturday. He saw a doctor Friday morning and we found out he had strep throat. Poor little boy. He was MISERABLE! We were thankfully able to get two doses of antibiotics in him on Friday to help start the healing. He slept a lot on Friday which is what he needed. Really, Friday was a hard day just all around. We needed a pick me up so when the kids went to bed, I went and got us a treat.  IMG_5872

I got back and found the four year old teenager living in our house playing on her ipod in bed.  IMG_5874

Reed woke up several times Friday night, and Saturday morning, he woke up at 5:30, inconsolable. He didn’t want to be held. He sat on the floor rolling around, screaming, for about 20 minutes. It was awful. :( We felt so badly for him, but he wouldn’t let us hold him or comfort him. It was awful. Later Saturday morning, he started perking up a little and his fever broke.

Saturday was also the HUGE annual fundraiser for the kids’ school. Zach and I both served on different committees and had duties to do during the event. We also had to do some stuff before hand, so we did a kid switch in between our jobs and Ava was fast asleep when I took them. Even at four, I still love looking at my baby sleeping.IMG_5877

Fortunately my dad offered to keep Reed, and my mom brought Ava out so she could enjoy the games and fun. We had a good time and a good turn out, despite the morning starting with rain. It cleared off and we had a beautiful evening.

Ava got her face painted like a unicorn. She was SO proud! She sat so still which totally surprised me. It took her the whole wait in line (probably 15-20 minutes) to figure out what she wanted on her face.IMG_5881 IMG_5882 IMG_5884IMG_5883

My job was to help with collecting tickets, counting, yada yada. I started counting tickets around 7:30 and did so until about 10:30. I took a huge garbage bag full home to finish counting and Zach and I sat at the table and counted until 1:00 a.m.IMG_5889 We finished up yesterday morning and counted approximately 30,000 tickets. WHEW! I was SO worn out Sunday evening. I had a baby shower to attend Sunday afternoon, but thankfully it was a quiet evening. The kids were tired too and went to bed fairly early. We were able to just chill out and tune in to The Amazing Race and the new season of Revenge! Who else is watching?

Look who seems to be feeling better?IMG_5890

In other news, my baby turns ONE on Sunday. ONE! How is that possible?! This week will include lots of prep for his birthday party on Sunday! I can’t wait to celebrate him!!!

Also, I wanted to say thanks to everyone who has contacted me or told me that they read our little blog and enjoy it. I’m glad that others enjoy what I have to say and checking in on our family! We’re glad you’re here!! Have a happy Monday!

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