Thursday, October 18, 2012

Class Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Last Thursday, I drove on Ava’s class trip to the Pumpkin Patch! We have a really cute farm close to us that is so much fun! Earlier this year, we went to pick strawberries there!

The four preschool classes and the kindergarten from her school all go on this field trip. They divided us into our respective classes and sent the first group out on the hayride. As we were waiting for the next tractor pull up, it started to rain. Fortunately we were standing right near the covered picnic area. It was short rain and it stopped quickly. Then it was time to get on the hayride!

We  were riding along and saw these donkeys start running along side us!IMG_6121 

As we were driving along, it started to rain again… and it rained HARD!!! Talk about being cold! Fortunately we had jackets with hoods!IMG_6133

Not only was it raining, our tractor stalled so we just sat there for a few minutes with the rain pouring on us. :) Ah, memories. It was cold and wet, but the kids still had fun.IMG_6128

Ava’s ClassIMG_1013

The kids got to go down a huge slide, but Ava was scared to go, so we just watched. Then they ran across the field to a station where they got to chuck corn. They loved it! They also got to go through the corn maze!IMG_1030 IMG_1047-2

The kids got to pick a pumpkin from the mini pumpkin patch. They were excited!IMG_6140After the pumpkin picking, they got to go and pet animals and milk a pretend cow. They got to eat a picnic lunch before going back to school. I was so glad to get to take a half vacation day to go with Ava, and I know she was glad I got to go too!IMG_6142-2

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