Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It is what it is

Life, that is. The last two weeks have been SO full for us. Staring at it before it started on the calendar made me almost hyperventilate – ha! And as if being busy wasn’t bad enough, Reed got sick. So naturally, what would be the icing on the cake?

Yep, you guessed it. Ava got sick too. Last night I was getting her ready for gymnastics. She felt warm, but she said she’d been playing at the playground when she was picked up and was just hot. She went to gymnastics and I didn’t notice anything wrong, other than her being slightly whiny. When we got home, she whined about being cold and “getting really sleepy”. She went to take a bath and she was burning up. We finally took her temp and it was 101 something. She never would tell us what hurt. She went to sleep easily and early (which is unusual).

She woke up a couple times during the night, including 3:30 a.m. to tell me she was getting really hungry. She woke up this morning without being overly hot. Her temp was down to 99, not really even a fever. She wanted to go to school so badly b/c it was a free dress day. She got a shower and got ready and said she felt all better. I gave her some juice to drink and she said “that made my throat feel all better”. Ding! Wrong thing to say to go to school dear.

I left and went to work for an hour to get something done since Zach didn’t have class until 8:45. I got all my stuff finished and met them at school to get Ava and to drop off Reed since I didn’t know if we’d be making a trip to the doctor. Ava was BAWLING being at school because she wanted to go so badly (i hope she always wants to go to school that much!). She kept telling me she missed her friend and she wanted to go to school and was so sad. Poor thing. I mean, how sad is this?

32c671240d6211e2b13b22000a1e9e60_7We stopped and got some popsicles and waited to hear back from the nurse. Thankfully since we’d just had Reed in, they just called us in an antibiotic instead of making us go in. She’s had two doses, and got a major energy boost this evening after a great night. I’m glad she’s feeling better, that we caught it early, and that it seemed to be short lived!

As for me, I made REALLY good use of my day off. I had a lot to do around the house to get ready for Reed’s party this weekend. Ava slept a lot, so while she was asleep, I worked hard!! It would have gotten done eventually, but I got a major head start on it today! I’m WORN out! 

We are on the down swing of the pure insanity in our lives. Zach still has a couple weeks that are crazy, but at least it won’t be BOTH of us with crazy schedules. I’ve just got my eye on the prize – we’re getting away at the end of October, just the two of us, for 3 days!!!! We’ll have time to relax, SLEEP, and recover from the busy season we’ve had. I have a feeling every year at this time is going to be like this for us, because the things we’ve been involved in and had going are annual things. But, we survived this year, and will next year, and the year after, and after.. :) i thought about keeping up with things and doing day in the life posts on these weeks, but it made me too tired even looking at it after the first day!

Here’s to no more sickies for a while, happy kids, happy parents, and sleep in our future!

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  1. poor ava - pitiful!!!
    hope everyone is on the mend and feeling better soon!
    hang in there friend and keep your eye on the be sleeping soon!!! :)


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