Friday, October 19, 2012

Reed at One Year

I didn’t do the normal monthly post for Reed on the day he turned a year, since I had another post, so better late than never!IMG_6038

Reed, at one year old:

  • You are ALL boy. Your newest love is CLIMBING EVERYTHING! IMG_6082IMG_6074
  • You LOVE to eat. You shovel food in like you have never eaten a meal. There’s not much you turn away.
  • You started drinking cow’s milk about two weeks before your birthday. As soon as we transitioned to milk, we also switched solely to sippy cups. You LOVED your bottle and we didn’t want you to associate the milk with your bottle and have a harder time giving it up. It took a couple of weeks and finding a sippy cup just right for you, and we are finally adjusted!
  • You took your first steps two days before your birthday!! Mommy got SO excited and you didn’t understand the fuss and gave up. You’ve taken a few more since then. You can basically run behind a walker or holding on to something, but you are so scared to let go and walk on your own! I know you’ll take off one day and that will be the end of it.
  • Your favorite word is uh-oh. You also like to say Dada, Ava, and occasionally mama.
  • You LOVE to wave. Every morning when we get to school, you wave to everyone as we walk across the parking lot. So sweet.
  • You typically go to bed around 7:00 and sleep until 6:00. This works well for weekdays but we wish you’d sleep just a little more on the weekends!
  • You have 6 teeth and seem to be working on some more.
  • You had your one year check up the day after your birthday. You weight 24lbs13oz and are 29.5 inches tall! You are a healthy boy!!!!IMG_6093

  • You give the sweetest kisses! I love it when you plant a sloppy kiss on my cheek!!
  • You are still my sweet, loving baby boy, and I can’t wait for so many more years getting to know you, watching you grow, and loving you!

Wednesday marked the one year mark of the day we got to bring you home from the hospital! What a year it’s been. It feels like it was just yesterday. We are SO glad to have you in our family and healthy!!!!


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