Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, Reed!

Oh, my sweet, sweet Reeders. How are you 1? WHERE did the last year go? I seriously cannot believe you are 1 today. It feels like just yesterday we were sitting in the hospital learning of your issues and living in a fog.

Your birth day was one of the best days of my life and quickly moved into one of the worst/scariest days of my life. There was so much unknown the day you were born and at the time I felt so cheated of those first special moments with you. It took mommy’s heart a long time to heal from the pain of having you stuck in the NICU. While the most important thing was ALWAYS for you to be healthy, the circumstances surrounding your birth were very hard on me. The 10 days you were in the hospital were SO SO hard, and while you were not life threateningly ill, it was scary at first and a very hard, emotional 10 days. I can honestly say that I was never more ready, and maybe never happier over anything, than the day we got to bring you home from the hospital. IMG_3826IMG_4050Your first month was obviously spent some in the hospital and then at home getting adjusted to life with your family. We were all crazy about you, and as far as babies go, you were a very easy baby to handle. You slept well, ate well, and were generally happy. After the rough first few months we had with your sister, it was a pleasant surprise you were so easy! I took three months off of work when you were born, and that was the BEST thing I could have ever done. Spending those days with you were some of the best days of my life. I wish more than anything I could spend my days at home with you and Ava, so getting to have these days at home with you is something I’ll cherish forever. You’ll never remember them, but you were my little buddy during that time. I’m so grateful for those days we had, little buddy. IMG_4410IMG_4527You really “bulked” up during your third month. We got into our new routine at the beginning of the year when I had to go back to work. You adjusted really well to daycare. You LOVE Ms. Haley and still get so excited when you see her, even though you aren’t in her class anymore. It makes me so happy to know you are somewhere where you are loved SO much, and are taken care of when I can’t be with you. When you snuggled up on me last night, I just thanked God that He gave us you for our son. We are so in love with you, and you seriously are the sweetest boy. Your silly little laugh, your big blue eyes, and your precious babbling can make your Daddy and me smile so easily. IMG_0091IMG_0156-2You are so different from your sister. She was very eager to achieve new things and to get things figured out quickly. You move at your own pace. You may wait a while to do something, but then when you are ready, you get it very quickly. You took your first step two days before your 1st birthday. I’m honestly surprised you aren’t walking yet, but I know it’s coming very soon.  IMG_0362-monthsIMG_0529.2.jpg Looking back on each of these pictures makes me feel like each day was just yesterday. While, I’m sad that you’re no longer a little bitty baby, I do love this stage. I love seeing you learn new things almost every day and I love seeing you be proud of yourself when you accomplish something. I know over the next few months we are going to see you accomplish SO many new things. We will be right there with, cheering you on for each one!IMG_0634.2IMG_0737-2What a year its been, little man. Things could have turned out so differently for you, for us. I thank God each day for your precious life. While I wish I could slow the hands of time, I’m SO grateful for each and every day you are with us. Thank YOU for being a joy in our lives. Thank you for making us laugh, making us smile, and making us feel like the most important people in the world. IMG_0825-2   IMG_6003IMG_6011IMG_6016 We love you, Reed! Happy first birthday, baby boy!

IMG_5866 Godspeed, little man. Sweet dreams, little man. Oh my love will fly to you each night on angel’s wings. Godspeed. Sweet dreams. ~ Dixie Chicks

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