Thursday, October 4, 2012

First year favorites!

These are some of my most favorite photos of Reed from his first year!!

IMG_3685 IMG_3653IMG_3819IMG_3861 IMG_3880-2 IMG_3976 IMG_0246 IMG_0367 IMG_4101 IMG_4271 IMG_0538 IMG_4404 IMG_1186 IMG_1309 IMG_1249 IMG_1592 IMG_1446 IMG_0103

IMG_1807 IMG_1788 IMG_2165 IMG_2616 IMG_2545 IMG_0169 IMG_0492 IMG_2623IMG_2965 IMG_3748 IMG_3532   IMG_4065 IMG_4073IMG_3931 IMG_4074IMG_4202 IMG_4169 IMG_4637 IMG_4649 IMG_5156 IMG_4991 IMG_5463 IMG_5215


It’s hard to believe it’s been a year. I remember these days last year and they honestly feel like just yesterday. We took Ava out for Big Sister Night and the night before his birth, I was home alone and just dwelled on how life was about to change. We are so blessed by this little boy and I’m so thankful he is a healthy, thriving little guy!!!!

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