Monday, February 4, 2013

A fresh start

It has taken a while but it seems like the kids are mostly well. Reed is pretty much himself, and Ava is so much better but she still seems to be low on energy. I know she is ready to head back to school and I pray that we can stay healthy for a while!

Our weekend was pretty mundane and spent at home just trying to get everyone healthy.

Saturday night Zach’s school had their big annual fundraiser and I would’ve enjoyed going but decided this wasn’t the best time for a night out. So Zach went and worked a shift and I stayed home with the kids. Reed and I had fun playing. IMG_8106

Sunday morning we went to church and sat in the cry room. Reed found the “special" kids’ seat that for some reason, all kids just love.IMG_8117

Sunday afternoon we spent cleaning and just getting ready for the week. I always feel better starting the work week with a clean, picked up house. Zach leaves today for Nashville so the kids and I are on our own. I wish I were going too! I like Nashville and it’s too bad he has so much work stuff to do or it’d be a fun little getaway. As it is, no go for me! :)

I’m praying this week is much quieter and much more mundane than last! Here’s to a good week!

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