Friday, February 22, 2013

Fabulous Friday!

Hi friends! We made it to FRIDAY! WOO-HOO!!!!! I love me a weekend and with some fun things coming up and I’m ready for it!

I’m linking up for the first time ever with Laura at The Everyday Joys for Fab Friday!!!


We’ve had a good week. Monday, Reed started his first day in his new classroom!! Here he was right before we headed in!

IMG_8338 LOVE, LOVE this boy!!! He is SO much fun right now. He really likes his new class. I think he feels like a big boy sitting at a table to eat, and laying on a cot. He’s learning SO many words. It amazes me at what he can say. Wednesday morning while I was getting ready, he came into my room and I said “Who’s that coming in here?!” and he patted his chest and said “REE!”

Tuesday I arrived to pick up Ava and found her looking like this:IMG_8353 I almost flipped out! I asked her what happened and she said she had scratched herself! She looked like her face had been pulled across the pavement! I realized that the scratch she was talking about was under her eye and the rest of it was dirt and markers. She had gymnastics and had lost her pony tail holder and was just a mess! I was just glad she was ok, but man!

Wednesday morning, Reed asked to take his “bay-bee” to school. He loves picking the baby up and hugging it, and carrying it around. I couldn’t tell him no!IMG_8355 

Later Wednesday morning, it started snowing!! We saw quite a bit of snow fall Thursday! I love the view outside my window at work, and it’s especially pretty in the snow!IMG_8364

Zach and the kids had a snow day yesterday. The roads were actually not that bad and they probably could have made it, but they enjoyed a day at home. They did get out to meet me for lunch and that was a nice break in my day!IMG_8376 IMG_8377 Reed his such a ham. I said something about a picture and he said “Cheeeeeese!” Crazy boy!

Our exciting weekend starts this afternoon when our new mattresses will be delivered!!!! EEEEEEK! I am SO excited for our new bed. It’s a shame we have plans this weekend, otherwise I might be tempted to lay in bed the entire time – ha!

Tonight Zach and I are going to a party with his co-workers. We typically have a good time at the get togethers and I’m sure it will be no different this time. It will be fun to get out for a while without the kids.

Saturday, we’re heading to NWA to visit with our friends and then to see my brother and his family. I am looking forward to it and know we’ll have a fun time! Wishing you a happy weekend!

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  1. I'm visiting from the Fab Friday link up. Your kids are so cute! If I would've picked up my daughter looking like that I would've freaked too! Oh my word! LOL Glad it wasn't worse! :)

  2. Visiting from Fab Friday! The view from your office is SO nice! Your kids are super cute too - glad that it was mostly dirt and marker on your daughters face!

  3. Visiting from Laura's link up! So glad your little one wasn't hurt worse. Your kids are the cutest! New follower :)

  4. I love that picture of Ava, Just means they played hard right?


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