Monday, February 11, 2013

It didn’t last long…

… the break from sickness, that is.

That’s right, our house has been plagued again. Poor Ava has a double ear infection (in spite of JUST finishing antibiotics for one), and she has the dreaded flu. Oy.

The weekend started out fine. Everyone was happy and normal. Saturday morning both kids woke up much earlier than normal. They were good and happy in the morning though and Ava did say she was tired. She took an afternoon nap which isn’t abnormal. Saturday evening she got to go over to my grandma’s for a while and play with several of my cousins who were there.  I went to pick her up around 7:00 and when we got home I noticed she felt warm. I checked her temp and it was about 101. I gave her tylenol and put her to bed. She woke up in the middle of the night from thunderstorms and when i felt her at that point, it felt like her fever was gone, but when she woke up in the morning it was around 101 again.

In the midst of this, Reed felt like this would be a good night to wake up ALL.NIGHT.LONG. He woke up around 9:45 and whined off and on and then started crying. I got him out of bed and we stayed up for about an hour. I put him in bed and he was quiet for about 30 minutes. I got him out again and rocked him and he seemed pretty out of it. He slept until around 2:30, when he woke up yelling again. Zach got up with him this time and held him while he slept. Around 5:00, he went to sleep in his bed and slept until after 8:00.

Zach and Ava headed to the walk in clinic around 9:00, to find that the one by us was closed today to move to their new location. By the time they got to the other location around 9:15, there were many ahead of them and they were there until after 12. Zach also got checked because he didn’t feel like he completely got over the stuff he had back in December in his chest. He had a chest x-ray and is on some pretty strong antibiotics to help him knock that out, as well as an infected throat.

By late Sunday afternoon, Ava seemed to be feeling much better than that morning. I’m praying that she can get over this quickly and that the rest of us can avoid it.

Before we headed into another sick weekend, we were anxiously awaiting a relaxing weekend. Ava and I were happy for Friday!


Before coming down sick, the kids also got to show that they are ready for Valentine’s Day!IMG_8211 Aren’t these little loves cute?! They can be my Valentines any day!!! I’m praying that Ava is better by then because she is really worried that she will miss her Valentine’s party!

And even though Ava was sick, she was still in pretty good spirits on Sunday.IMG_8217

So. All that being said, the winter of 2013 can officially hit the road and take all its germs with it! I’m ready for a healthy family!!!!!!!

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  1. LOVE their Valentine shirts, so cute!!! Hope your house is sicky free in the coming days!!


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