Friday, February 15, 2013

Deep confessions

It’s time again. Time for confessions! Link up with Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition if you want to join in!

So let’s see. I confess that when I sat down to help Ava write out her Valentines, I was equally impressed/proud and annoyed/ticked that she had copied To and From where she was supposed to write her name and the names of her classmates.IMG_8220

Also? I think the way she is writing right now is SO cute. She doesn’t quite understand that the letters go on the same line or in the right order.IMG_8257

I confess that when I asked Ava which Valentine she wanted to give the boy in her class that she is sweet on, she said “I want to give him one that says love!” Agh!!!! She also told us she chases him on the playground! Guess we have some work to do!

I confess that these are two of the sweetest Valentine’s I could have! Their daddy is, too, but we didn’t have time for a picture! I ordered these plates for them from Zulily a few weeks ago and when they came in thought I’d save them for Valentine’s Day. Ava loved hers and Reed thought he was a BIG BOY to sit in a real chair to eat his pancake!


I confess that Zach is out of town until tomorrow and cheesy at it is, I almost always watch this movie at this time every year since he is always at the same convention at this time. The movie? Fireproof. I love it! Also, I can’t wait to try this when he returns. Saturday night, this is on!IMG_8255

I confess that I am ready to wrap this week up! We are getting closer to March and spring and I am READY! What do you need to confess today??


  1. LOVE her handwriting!! So precious! Looks like yall had a good valentines day!!

  2. I love Emerson's writing too! She told me that I had such pretty handwriting the other day and asked if hers would ever look like that:)


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