Thursday, February 28, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I’ve been lacking for blog content this week so today I’m going to share a few oldies but goodies in pictures!

In October 2009, Ava fell at school and broke her wrist. You can read more about that experience here and here!broken wrist 1 IMG_0612

In 2010 we took a trip to Lake Michigan. Ava wasn’t a fan of the sand! Hopefully she’ll like it more when we go to Florida this summer!LM110

One of the funniest pictures I have of Ava – she was SO excited about her new tennis shoes that she fell asleep with them!IMG_1005

This was the first time Ava got to meet Reed on the day he got out of the hospital at 10 days old.IMG_3653

I love this picture of Reed because he always grinned with his mouth wide open!IMG_0103

And these are a couple of my favorites from Reed’s professional 6 month photos!reedbasket reed basket 2

I LOVE looking back at old pictures and reminiscing! Looking through some older ones of Ava made me teary eyed because the time has just gone so fast! Do you like looking back and remembering?!

1 comment:

  1. Love these pictures, especially the one of Ava not liking the sand. That one has me laughing at my desk-so cute!


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