Monday, March 4, 2013

Catching up!

Well, I guess I fell off the blogging face of the earth last week. I just wasn’t motivated to blog and didn’t feel like I had anything to blog about. So, now I’m going to catch up on our week last week and our weekend. (And after writing this post, I should’ve blogged b/c this post is LONG!)!

Reed has a little best friend at school and they are happy to see each other in the mornings! It’s so cute to hear them say each other’s names when they see one another!IMG_8422

Ava had a doctor appointment Monday to get her ears re-checked and they are finally ALL clear. We were one of the first appointments and since it was after a weekend, I didn’t mind letting her have a ride on the airplane!IMG_8424

There has been a recipe I’ve seen floating around blogland/twitter and I finally made it last week. It’s Spicy Sausage Pasta and it was DELICIOUS! We will definitely have this again, and I think next time I may try it with chicken, or even without meat and maybe some added veggies. SO good!!IMG_8426

We have started making Reed leave his pacis in his bed because they are now only for bed/nap time. He is not so fond of this new rule and we found him trying to climb in his bed to get one out! I’ve started locking his door in fear of him trying to do this while I’m not around and possibly pulling the crib over.IMG_8431

Reed eats breakfast at school each day but when Ava is eating her breakfast he often begs for a bite of something because he is apparently starving. One morning this past week, Ava had set down her pancakes and I came in the room to find Reed with them in his hands shoveling them in his mouth. This was his “Oops you caught me!” face!IMG_8437

I couldn’t take the kids to school one morning last week and Zach took a picture when I was telling them goodbye. I love this photo even though Ava isn’t looking!IMG_8449

Little Miss Ava likes to play learning games (and others) on the iPad. She is getting to be such a big kid!IMG_8457

Friday morning Reed did some chores before heading to school!      IMG_8459

We also got a photo of Reed and his buddies sitting like big kids at the table to eat! When did he grow up!?!?!IMG_8468

He was also a happy little camper with dessert after dinner on Friday night!  IMG_8463

Saturday we spent the morning deep cleaning Reed’s room. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve been working on one room per weekend, when the weekend allows it. We’ve done the garage, utility room, master bedroom and bathroom, kids bathroom, hall closet and both kids’ rooms. We still have the kitchen, living room and master closet to go. We’ve also finished the garage. Here was Reed’s room in the midst of the chaos!IMG_8470 It feels so good to empty out the closets, purge what we no longer need, and get things in good order, as well as cleaning things really well. I HATE the process of doing it, but LOVE how my house feels afterwards!

It was also my lucky weekend! See the box of diapers in the picture above? We use Amazon’s subscribe and save program to have diapers sent. I was supposed to receive on box of diapers, but on Friday, two came. I was only charged for one, though. I got on the site and used the chat function to talk to a customer service rep and this is the convo we had:IMG_8481 

Saturday night, Reed fell asleep in my lap just like he used to when he was an itty bitty baby! Oh, how sweet it was to have a glimpse back into his baby days!IMG_8478

I’m having a pampered chef booth at a women’s conference this week and made some cake balls to entice people to my booth! It’s a lot, but they are always a hit!IMG_8488

The weather Sunday afternoon was REALLY nice so we decided to take a family walk and let Ava ride her bike for a while! It was fun!!IMG_8498

When we got back, Reed felt like he needed a turn on the bike!IMG_8497

After we came in, we let Ava get out a big puzzle she’d been wanting to do for a long time. The box said it was a giant floor puzzle – and it wasn’t lying!IMG_8503

We had a great weekend. Time FLIES by any more. I don’t know how it passes so quickly. March is a busy month for us so I have no doubt time will slow down any time soon. I’m thankful, though, that as fast as it goes, it’s filled with so many memories!!!!

PS – Through Twitter, I met Lindsey. She has two of the cutest babies you’ve ever seen, Kate and Will. And they both sadly have a very rare genetic bone marrow disorder. Kate has successfully undergone a bone marrow transplant and is a happy, healthy, vibrant 2 year old. Sweet little Will is not even one and will have his first surgery tomorrow to begin the process of getting a bone marrow transplant. I can’t imagine watching my little baby go through this, yet having to do it time two. Please take a minute and lift this family up as they begin this process with Will and if you’d like, you can follow their journey here and see updates to know how to pray for them.

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  1. Umm... the pasta and the cake balls look amazing! I'm drooling... can you tell I'm hungry? ;)


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