Monday, March 18, 2013

Another weekend gone

I think our weekends are lived in fast forward. They are seriously over before they start!

We had a busy Saturday and a quiet Sunday.

But’ let’s back up first to Friday. I took a picture of me and Reed on our way into school and it looks like he’s saying, “Ok, mom. Seriously? Enough.”IMG_8657

Saturday morning we woke up and headed to an early birthday party. I took Reed and Ava and Zach stayed behind to get a few things done and have everything ready for when we got home, because we had to turn right around and go to a wedding. The kids had a ball at the party and they played SO hard!IMG_8667 IMG_8666

My cousin got married yesterday and it was a beautiful wedding. The theme was very southern and many of the decorations included mason jars and it was just so cute. Reed was insistent that his “bay-bee” go to the wedding with us.IMG_8672

When we got to the reception, we found a table set up especially for kids. SUCH a good idea!!!! There were several giant coloring books, crayons, straws, pinwheels. Ava immediately sat down here and had fun while we sat at a table close to her.IMG_0676

And what’s a wedding without having wedding cake? duh.IMG_8673

They had a photo booth set up to go in and take photos and once that started, the excitement of the coloring table was gone, and we didn’t see Ava again until it was time to leave. She would stand in line for like 10 minutes to have a 2 minute stint inside the booth. She seriously was in there about 10 times. It was hilarious!IMG_8676

The bottom right is pretty much real life? We had 10 seconds between shots and i was working hard to get a good pic, and well you can see what happened. ha!!!

After the wedding we had two TIRED kids and they both crashed early. Sunday morning we woke up and went to church early and then went to eat breakfast. After breakfast, it started raining and did that pretty much all day. The kids were still tired from the day before, and they both went down for naps as soon as we got home around 10:30. Zach and I took that opportunity to rest too.

Zach and Ava are on Spring Break this week so I’m sure there’ll be lots more fun to come! I’m taking off on Friday and cannot wait to have a day off! C’mon Friday!!!!

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  1. so cute! reed looks so grown up all of a sudden :(
    and the kids table at a reception? GENIUS!


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